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OXYGEN MASKS & ACCESSORIES AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT Accessories for use with Avox Quik-Don and Spe-Don 358 Series crew oxygen masks. APPROVED BY FAA TSO-C78/C99 AND AIR FRAME MANUFACTURERS FOR USE ON ALL BOEING 700 SERIES TRANSPORTS; DOUGLAS DC-8, DC-9 AND DC-10; THE LOCKHEED L-1011 AND JETSTAR; GRUMMAN GI AND GII; ROCKWELL SABRELINERS; HS 125; GATES LEAR JET AND OTHER EXECUTIVE AIRCRAFT. The Avox Folding Quik-Don Assembly is available with two types of face masks. Both are featured in one universal size, and both are molded from silicone rubber for comfort. The 358-1002 model has narrow cheek flaps and is widely used on commercial jet transport aircraft. The 358-1030 model has wide cheek flaps with an extra wide face seal flange. The Spe-Don Mask includes a flexible strap suspension and is available in one universal-fit size. All masks are provided with the Vent-Valve System, and are available with smoke goggles. Outstanding Features: Rugged aluminum suspension and valve assembly designed for low maintenance costs Face seal and nape pad are made of supple silicone for increased comfort Design is based on USAF type face seal that has universal pilot acceptance FAA Report AM66-20 relates physiological excellence in tests on live subjects Part No. Description 358-( ) Quik-Don and Spe-Don 358 Series crew oxygen masks 322-70 Smoke goggles - Provides panoramic viewing and fits over eye glasses. Designed for use with the folding Quik-Don and Spe-Don masks. Complies with TSO-C99 for protective breathing equipment when worn with Avox 358 series vented mask. 358-643C Quick release holding strap - The quick release mask holder strap provides secure mounting of the oxygen mask in stowed position while permitting very rapid mask removal during donning procedure. 00-5989 Dust cover - The dust cover protects the inside of the mask facepiece from dust, dirt and contaminants while in the stowed position and releases automatically when the mask is removed during the quick donning procedure 358-643C 00-5989 322-70 aviall ability aviall.com 1437

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