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OXYGEN MASK ASSEMBLIES AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1440 Avox mask assemblies. These are designed for respiratory and eye protection in the event of aviation emergencies resulting in heavy amounts of eye and lung irritating smoke. Full facepiece design assures 180 peripheral vision. 100% oxygen is provided for complete breathing comfort and protection against dangerous eye and lung irritants. Avox masks can be used with Avox portable 5600 and 9800 series. Outstanding features included: masks provide protection against eye and lung damage, Mask contour provides 180 peripheral vision capability, adjustable harnesses assure comfortable universal fit, and microphone provisions are available. Ordering Information Charts below show available equipment combinations and options. To order, select the units desired - write the individual part numbers in the appropriate boxes to produce the complete part number required for ordering. Mask Inlet Connection and Clamp X None A 6210 Screw type Figure 5 B 55B3509 AN type Figure 5 (13822) C 6210-1 Screw type Figure 5 with pin F 7025 AN safety Figure 5 type Mask Facepiece Assembly 10100A 3-strap head harness, no provisions for microphone #1 Figure 1 10100B 3-strap head harness, provisions for microphone Figure 1 10100C 6-strap head harness, no provisions for microphone #1 Figure 2 10100D 6-strap head harness, provisions for microphone Figure 2 Breathing Tube (See Fig. 4) None 1 28955-1 Breathing tube (6202) 14" long 2 6391-1 Breathing tube 27 1 /4" long 3 6242-42 Breathing tube 42" long 4 6391-1 Breathing tube 27 1 /4" long 6391-2 Sleeve 6207 Spring 8141 Clamp #2 6 6242-48 Breathing tube 48" long Microphone Connections 3 (See Fig. 6) None Omission of last character indicates microphone not required #1 1 10117 Microphone assembly kit, 6' cable, PJ-068 plug 5 10123 Microphone assembly kit, 44" 2 wire cable from SW-141-K switch to facepiece, 103" 3 wire cable From switch to PJ-068 plug 6 10117-1 Microphone housing assembly kit No cable Microphone housing and grommet for mask 1 Order mask facepiece 10100A or 10100C when microphone is not required 2 For use with C Type inlet connector only 3 All microphones listed here are carbon microphones Figure 6 Typical Microphone Kit Figure 1 Demand 3 Strap Harness Figure 2 Demand 6 Strap Harness Figure 4 Typical Breathing Tube Figure 5 Connectors Screw Type AN Safety Type AN Type 10100 -

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