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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1449 REGULATOR ASSEMBLIES 10260 Series oxygen regulator assembly. The AVOX 10260 series is a single stage, high flow, pressure reducing regulator designed to safely and dependably reduce up to 2000 PSIG oxygen to the lower pressures required by crew diluter demand regulators. The outlet pressure is factory preset. A compact aluminum body, drilled for bulkhead mounting, is ported to accept standard ANPT inlet and outlet fittings. The regulator is fitted with a relief valve, and may be supplied with two gauges, with one gauge and a plug, or with two plugs only. The 10260 series is designed for use with aviator's breathing oxygen per MIL-PRF-27210. Outstanding features: Designed for inlet pressures to 2000 psi Pressure relief valve on outlet side Compact design weight 1.37 lbs. complete with gauge and relief valve Operation High pressure oxygen enters the regulator assembly at the inlet port. A single stage pressure reducing mechanism then reduces the high pressure oxygen to the factory preset pressure. This lower pressure oxygen then passes through the regulator outlet to the crew diluter demand regulators. Correct oxygen supply pressure to the diluter demand regulators is constantly maintained by the series 10260 regulator. Part No. Boeing Part No. Description 10260-2 BAC 10-60018 Includes 1 high pressure and 1 low pressure gauge (as illustrated) 10260-4 BAC 10-60018-1 Includes 1 low pressure gauge and 1 plug 10260-18 Includes 2 plugs only, no gauges 10260-06 BAC 10-60018-2 1 low pressure gauge 10260-08 2 plugs only, no gauges WARNING: IMPROPER USE OR IMPROPER MAINTENANCE OF THIS APPARATUS MAY RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH. ANY SERVICE OR OVERHAUL SHALL BE DONE ONLY BY THOSE FACILITIES EXPERIENCED IN, OR BY PERSONNEL KNOWLEDGEABLE IN HIGH PRESSURE AVIATION OXYGEN EQUIPMENT. CONTACT THE AVIALL OXYGEN SHOP FOR ASSISTANCE. PERSONNEL SHOULD RECEIVE PROPER TRAINING PRIOR TO USING THIS REGULATOR. UNIT SHALL BE USED ONLY WITH AVIATOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN PER MIL-PRF-27210. Specifications Type Single Stage Pressure range 50-75 PSIG for -2, -4, -18; 70-94 PSIG for -06, -08 Pressure variation With a supply variation from 1800-150 psi, regulated pressure increase does not exceed 12 psi Flow capacity Regulated to 300 lpm at supply pressures of 150-1800 PSIG Weight 1.37 lbs. (627 g) complete with gauge and relief valve Material: Body Aluminum Metal components Aluminum and stainless steel Diaphragm Silicon rubber Valve seat KEL-F81 (PCTFE) Inlet size 1 /4" ANPT Female Outlet size 1 /8" ANPT Female Relief valve -2, -4, -18 relieves at outlet pressure of 100-110 psi; -06, -08 relieves at outlet pressure of 120-130 PSIG Envelope size See diagram (above)

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