Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 145 Hardware, Hose & Fittings

STRATOFLEX HOSE & FITTINGS aviall.com aviall ability 145 193 HOSE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 6. Clean, inspect and proof test. For Assembly and Disassembly of 193 Hose and Standard Hose Fittings Reference Always use current AFP501 and AFAD 193 5. Screw nipple into socket and hose by using wrench on hex of adapter. Leave a 0.005" to .031" clearance between nut and socket so that nut will swivel freely. Loosen adapter from nut and remove. DO NOT ALLOW HOSE TO TWIST IN SOCKET. 7. For detailed assembly instructions, request AFAD-193. For machine assembly instructions, request AFAD-193-XXX (substitute machine number for XXX). 4. Oil inside of hose and outside of nipple liberally and insert nipple in socket. 3. Insert nipple into nut and tighten on mating flared adapter. 2. Screw hose into socket counter-clockwise until it bottoms. Back hose out 1 /4 turn. 1. Measure hose to desired length and then cut with sharp knife or saw. Note: To obtain length of hose, subtract cut factors (B dim.) of each hose fitting from hose assembly length L. DISASSEMBLE IN REVERSE ORDER.

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