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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1451 PORTABLE OXYGEN BREATHING UNITS Aviox portable oxygen breathing units. FAA TSO-C64 FLOW INDICATOR MASK. Aviox is a self-con- tained portable oxygen system that utilizes chemical generators for immediate oxygen availability without high pressure gaseous oxygen storage. Both the Single-Pak and Duo-Pak are designed for efficiency, safety, reliability, and economy. They feature a lock-unlock button on the actuator to guard against accidental actua- tion and a relief valve to vent the oxygen flow in the event of a hose blockage. In addition, the Duo-Pak fea- tures a check valve which allows removal and replacement of one generator while the second is flowing, without loss of oxygen or interruption of flow to the mask. The Aviox includes a comfortable mask which can be stored in the case cover without deformation. Each unit features a carrying strap that doubles as a tie-down strap. Optional wall brackets, with additional retention straps and Velcro closures, are available. The Avox Aviox system has been operationally tested to altitudes of 40,000 ft. The Single-Pak provides typically a 4 lpm (STPD) flow for approximately 20 minutes. The Duo-Pak provides typically a 4 lpm flow for 40 minutes when generators are initiated separately, or an 8 lpm flow for 20 minutes when both generators are initiated simultaneously. The Duo-Pak is also available with a flow splitting manifold that will supply one half the flow to two (2) persons. Outstanding features: Completely self-contained, portable, lightweight Solid state oxygen generators require no high-pressure gaseous oxygen storage Positive actuation for immediate oxygen flow Duo-Pak allows for single or dual generator operation, and for simple removal and replacement of expended generator even while unit is operating Tool included for removal of heated or cooled expended generators Replacement generator shown ready to install. Aviox portable oxygen breathing units Weight with Part No. Description Operating Range Height Width Depth Generator and TSO Mask 802501-11 Single-Pak, no generators 0 to 120 F 14.5" 5.5" 4.5" - 802501-15 Single-Pak with generators 0 to 120 F 14.5" 5.5" 4.5" 4.30 lbs. 802502-11 Duo-Pak, no generators 0 to 120 F 14.8" 9.8" 4.75" - 802502-15 Duo-Pak with generators 0 to 120 F 14.8" 9.8" 4.75" 8.25 lbs. Wall brackets. Mounts with four (4) fasteners. Part No. Description Height Width Depth Weight 802135-00 Wall brackets for Single-Pak 10.75" 5.68" 4.82" 1.1 lbs. 802136-00 Wall brackets for Duo-Pak 10.75" 9.20" 5.20" 1.5 lbs. Generator replacements. Including installation instructions and new tamper tabs. Part No. Description 802111-00 One (1) generator 802111-06 Six (6) pack of six (6) individual generators Replacements parts. Part No. Description 802132-00 Cover assembly 802089-00 Cover assembly for Duo-Pak 801913-00 Extraction tool 801911-01 Actuator assembly 802111-00 Generator (part of part no. 802501-15 and 802502-15 units only) 803203-01 Mask assembly with flow indicator and hose 802130-00 Lower container assembly for Single-Pak 802088-00 Lower container assembly for Duo-Pak

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