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EMERGENCY ESCAPE HOOD AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1453 Specifications Type: Semi-closed circuit Rated Duration: 15 minutes (minimum) Oxygen Source: Low pressure chemical oxygen generator Weight: Part no. 802300-14 As worn: 3.75 lbs. (1.70 kg) With storage case: 5.15 lbs. (2.34 kg) Storage Dimensions: 9.5" x 8.5" x 4.3"(241 mm x 215 mm x 109 mm) Materials: Hood: Teflon-coated fiberglass cloth, with overhood of Kynol fabric Housing assembly: polysulfone Scrubber: LiOH and molecular sieve Storage case: fire retardant polyethylene (green) Generator relief valve: 40 PSIG (nominal) Life: 10 years in sealed, evacuated barrier envelope Maximum operating altitude: 40,000' (12,192 m) IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: CHEMICAL OXYGEN GENERATORS AND DEVICES INCORPORATING CHEMICAL OXYGEN GENERATORS ARE CONSIDERED A HAZ- ARDOUS MATERIAL FOR SHIPMENT. THE AVOX PBE HAS BEEN ASSIGNED THE SHIPPING NAME "OXYGEN GENERATOR, CHEMICAL" AND THE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER UN 3356. IN THE UNITED STATES THE PBE MAY ONLY BE OFFERED FOR TRANSPORTATION WHEN PACKAGED AND MARKED IN ACCORDANCE WITH EXEMPTION DOT-E 11956 ISSUED BY THE US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. OTHER RESTRICTIONS ON SHIPMENT MAY APPLY IN OTHER COUNTRIES. Wall mount unit or stowage assembly The PBE Trainer Part No. 802390-03. This nonfunctioning device is intended for training of personnel in the use of the 802300-14 functional PBE. It features a clear urethane replaceable neck seal (Part no. 803150-01) and re-arming device for repeated donning and doffing exercises. For more information on inspection, storage, and operation of PBE, see Avox Instructional Manual Number 89253-01. Part No. Description 802390-03 PBE trainer (non-functioning) 10124-00 Storage bag 803767-01 Neck seal, neoprene 803150-01 Neck seal, urethane 802829-01 Lanyard assembly 802350-03 Head harness 10005595 Reset tool 803436-02 1 Wall mount unit or stowage assembly 1 Part no. does not include PBE unit Training hood

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