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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN GENERATORS aviall ability aviall.com 1457 OXYGEN GENERATORS WARNING: IMPROPER USE OF IMPROPER MAINTENANCE OF THIS EQUIPMENT MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. THESE ASSEMBLIES ARE INTENDED TO BE USED ONLY FOR AVIATION APPLICATIONS AS COMPONENTS OF A COMPLETE AVIATION OXYGEN SYSTEM USED ONLY BY, OR UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF, A PILOT OR CREW MEMBER TRAINED AND QUALIFIED IN ITS USE. CHEMICAL OXYGEN GENERATORS PRODUCE OXYGEN AND HEAT WHEN ACTUATED. SURFACE TEMPERATURE OF GENERATORS MAY REACH 400 F OR HIGHER WHEN ACTUATED. INADVERTENT ACTUATION OF A CHEMICAL OXYGEN GENERATOR MAY RESULT IN FIRE, PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. CHEMICAL OXYGEN GENERATORS MUST BE HANDLED ONLY BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THE HAZARDS OF OXYGEN AND CHEMICAL OXYGEN GENERATORS. ALL APPLICABLE AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED FOR INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE. CONTACT THE AVIALL OXYGEN SHOP IN DALLAS, TX FOR ASSISTANCE. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED ONLY WITH AVIATION BREATHING OXYGEN. NOTE: OXYGEN GENERATORS ARE CONSIDERED A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL FOR SHIPMENT AND HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED THE SHIPPING NAME "OXYGEN GENERATOR, CHEMICAL" AND THE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER UN 3356. IN THE UNITED STATES OXYGEN GENERATORS MAY ONLY BE OFFERED FOR TRANSPORTATION WHEN PACK- AGED AND MARKED IN ACCORDANCE WITH AN APPROVAL OR AN EXEMPTION ISSUED BY THE US DOT. Fokker Oxygen Generator Shown in "ready to install" condition, see warning this page Oxygen Flow Chart Specifications Fokker oxygen generator. Avox solid state generators are available as replacementparts in aircraft oxygen module assemblies that provide supplemen- tal emergency oxygen to the cabin crew and passengers of the Fokker F100 aircraft. They offer immediate oxygen availability without requiring high-pres- sure oxygen storage. Avox generators are the recognized benchmark for quality and excellence in the aviation industry. In the world's largest existing facility for chemical oxygen production, Avox has produced over 1,250,000 chemical oxygen generators for Boeing, Cessna, Piper, Fokker, Lockheed, and McDonnell Douglas. Fokker type generators satisfy aircraft flow and duration specifications accord- ing to a predetermined cabin decompression schedule, as well as purity require- ments. While providing optimum safety, reliability, and economy, they afford significant weight reduction over gaseous, fixed systems. Outstanding Features: Operationally tested at cabin altitudes up to 40,000 ft. Positive actuation for immediate oxygen Operational temperature range 0 to 110 F This solid state generator is housed in a metal container with integral filters, insulation, and over-pressure relief. With a percussion-actuated installation, the constant flow mask is pulled to the face (in the event of a decompression), causing the pin on the end of the lanyard to separate from the spring-actuated striker. When the striker contacts the percussion cap, enough heat is generated to initiate the thermal decomposition of the generator core, thereby producing oxygen. The outlets are compatible with 3 /32" I.D. vinyl mask hose and the man- ifolds are capable of a 360 swivel. The protective caps on the individual out- lets will maintain the cleanliness of oxygen exposed components. Total No. of Liters Persons Outlet Dimensions (Inches) Maximum Maximum Part No. (Min.) Served 1 Angle A B C D E Weight 2 Surface Temp. 805100-03 45 3 90 2.50 7.74 7.88 1.20 5.45 1.19 lbs. 440 F max. 805100-04 60 4 90 2.75 7.74 7.88 1.20 5.45 1.35 lbs. 475 F max. 1 Number of persons served corresponds to number of outlets. 2 Weight does not include warning flag, safety pin, cotter pin, and shipping flag.

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