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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1465 OXYGEN REGULATOR ASSEMBLIES 28000 Series diluter demand oxygen regulator assembly. CONTROLLED DILUTION MEETS FAR PART 25 REQUIREMENTS FOR CREW MEMBERS. The diluter demand oxygen regulator assembly is designed to meet the supplemental and emergency breathing requirements of aircraft crew members at altitudes of 5,000 to 40,000 ft. (1524m to 12,192m). It is easily adaptable to any pressurized cabin aircraft equipped with 50 to 75 psi inlet pressure oxygen system. Float-type indicator provides visual evidence of oxygen flow through the regulator. Illuminated panel permits identification of controls during night flight. Outstanding features: Swivel-type outlet permits virtually unrestricted freedom of movement Manual controls permit crew member to select the oxygen supply best suited to abnormal or emergency situations For greater night flight illumination, 28 V DC or 5 V AC 400 Hz light panels are available Regulator body inlet port is per AND 10050-5 Cross Reference Avox Part No. Boeing Part No. 28000-1 BAC 10-60887-2 28000-3 BAC 10-60887-1 28000-5 BAC 10-60887-3 28000-17 BAC 10-60887-4 Outline Dimensions Light Chart Dash No. Voltage Light Plate Color Lighting -01 5 Gray White -03 5 Gray Red -05 28 Black Red -07 28 Gray Red -09 6 Gray Red -17 28 Gray White WARNING: IMPROPER USE OR IMPROPER MAINTENANCE OF THIS EQUIPMENT MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. THESE ASSEMBLIES ARE INTENDED TO BE USED ONLY FOR AVIATION APPLICATIONS AS COMPONENTS OF A COMPLETE AVIATION OXYGEN SYSTEM USED ONLY BY, OR UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF, A PILOT OR CREW MEMBER TRAINED AND QUALIFIED IN ITS USE. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE SERVICED ONLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE APPLICABLE COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL AVAILABLE FROM AVOX SYSTEMS AND ONLY BY SERVICE TECHNICIANS TRAINED IN THE INHERENT HAZARDS OF HIGH PRESSURE AVIATION OXYGEN AND KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THIS EQUIPMENT. THE NAMES OF AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS ARE AVAILABLE FROM AVOX SYSTEMS OR YOUR AUTHORIZED AVOX DISTRIBUTOR. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED ONLY WITH AVIATOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS OF MIL-PRF-27210.

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