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SYMETRICS COUPLINGS aviall.com aviall ability 147 GSE HYDRAULIC SELF-SEALING COUPLINGS Coupler Nipple Mated Applications: Couplings provide quick connect/disconnect capability with self-sealing action for use on Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and other aerospace applications. Simple one hand operation to connect and disconnect with positive visual and touch indicate full engagement. Features include: Fully interchangeable with many existing 3000 psi and 1000 psi GSE couplings meeting specifications MIL-H-5440 Type 1 and 2, MIL-C-25427 Type 1 and 2, and MIL-C-5502. Superior sealing during transition and in the uncoupled state as a result of incorporating elastomeric and thermoplastic valve seals, thus not relying on metal-to-metal sealing. Knurled outer surface provides positive-grip and ensures the actuation sleeve is always in the proper position for connect/disconnect. A retaining ring prevents the actuation sleeve from sliding down the hose. The actuation sleeve engages ratchet-locking device to prevent accidental disconnection when coupled. Technical data: General: qualification tested based on application requirements of AS1709 and MIL-C-25427 Material: Aluminum housings with stainless steel flange and ratchet-lock spring assembly, elastomeric and thermoplastic valve seals Operating fluid: Type II (-65 F to +275 F) hydraulic fluid per MIL-H-83282 and MIL-H-5606 Ordering options: unit may be ordered as full coupling assemblies or individually as nipple half, coupler half, cap or plug. Consult factory for other fluids or customer specific requirements. Operating pressure: vacuum to 3000 psi (-06 through -16) and vacuum to 1000 psi (-20)

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