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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1473 PORTABLE OXYGEN SYSTEMS Executive Mark I portable oxygen system. DOT RATED AT 1800 PSI. FAR PART 23.1443 REQUIREMENTS. The AVOX Mark I supplies constant flow oxygen in aviation use for one or two people up to 16,500 ft. It features a finger-operated, top-mounted on/off valve. The Mark I is lightweight, economical, compact, and completely self-contained. Outstanding features: Constant flow oxygen per FAR Part 23.1443 for one to two people up to 16,500 ft. DOT rated 3AA 1800 psi (12.4 MPa) 11 cubic foot (311 liter) cylinder Finger-operated top-mounted on/off valve Handy carrying strap Lightweight, versatile, compact and portable Soft rubber-like oral-nasal mask with flow indicator Mask(s) included Part No. Max. Charged Weight Length Diameter Cylinder Capacity 900019-00 1 8.25 lbs. (3.74 kg) 23 1 /4" (591 mm) 3 8 /16" (90.5 mm) 11 cubic feet (311 liters) 900019-01 2 8.30 lbs. (3.77 kg) 23 1 /4" (591 mm) 3 8 /16" (90.5 mm) 11 cubic feet (311 liters) Executive Mark 1 1 One outlet with one 28314-10 Sky Mask included. 2 Two outlets with one 28314-10 and one 803248-01 Sky Mask included. WARNING: IMPROPER USE OR IMPROPER MAINTENANCE OF THIS EQUIPMENT MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. THIS EQUIPMENT IS INTENDED TO BE USED ONLY FOR AVIATION APPLICATIONS AND IS TO BE USED ONLY BY, OR UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF, A PILOT OR CREW MEMBER TRAINED AND QUALIFIED IN ITS USE. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE SERVICED ONLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE APPLICABLE COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL AVAILABLE FROM AVOX SYSTEMS AND ONLY BY SERVICE TECHNICIANS TRAINED IN THE INHERENT HAZARDS OF HIGH PRESSURE AVIATION OXYGEN AND KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THIS EQUIPMENT. THE NAMES OF AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS ARE AVAILABLE FROM AVOX SYSTEMS OR YOUR AUTHORIZED AVOX SYSTEMS. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED ONLY WITH AVIA- TOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS OF MIL-PRF-27210. Average Duration in Hours from Cylinder Fully Charged to 1800 PSI Altitude No. of Persons Feet Meters 1 2 0 2.75 hrs. 1.38 hrs. 12,500 3810.0 3.03 hrs. 1.52 hrs. 16,500 5029.2 3.13 hrs. 1.57 hrs.

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