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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1481 PORTABLE OXYGEN ACCESSORIES Ordering Data 9800 is a basic model number. This chart illustrates the combinations that are available. To order, fill in the necessary dash numbers needed to indicate complete part number. Note that the "Constant Flow Outlet" column will require two letters if two outlets are required. For further information regarding cylinders, outlets, masks, etc., see the appropriate catalog sheet. No. Regulator Ltr. Cubic Ft. No. Color Ltr. Dwg. Ltr. Flow (lpm) No. Feet Ltr. Part No. 1 801242-01 N 11.0 1 Wakefield green A 801660-00 B 2 0 0 A 5009-AN Demand type: threaded D 1 11.0 w/lettering E 3 20 20,000 B 5041-ARO adapter for 6210 coupling F 4 23 23,000 D 5507-PURITAN 2 801242-02 X 0 M 802856-01 Demand type: Adapter Puritan for "AN" quick coupling 11011-09 8 801242-03 Demand/ N DPB153 pressure demand type: EROS outlet Threaded adapter for assembly 6210 coupling X 6818-1 plug 9 801242-04 Demand/ pressure demand type: Threaded adapter for AN" quick coupling Constant Flow Desired Respirator Cylinder Outlet Setting Operating Regulator Assembly Finish Harness at 14.7 PSI @ 0 C Altitude Outlet Style 1 C 1 A E 20 A WARNING: IMPROPER USE OR IMPROPER MAINTENANCE OF THIS EQUIPMENT MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. THIS EQUIPMENT IS INTENDED TO BE USED ONLY FOR AVIATION APPLICATIONS AND IS TO BE USED ONLY BY, OR UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF, A PILOT OR CREW MEMBER TRAINED AND QUALIFIED IN ITS USE. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE SERVICED ONLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE APPLICABLE COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL AVAILABLE FROM AVOX SYSTEMS AND ONLY BY SERVICE TECHNICIANS TRAINED IN THE INHERENT HAZARDS OF HIGH PRESSURE AVIATION OXYGEN AND KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THIS EQUIPMENT. THE NAMES OF AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS ARE AVAILABLE FROM AVOX SYSTEMS OR YOUR AUTHORIZED AVOX DISTRIBUTOR. THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED ONLY WITH AVIATOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS OF MIL-PRF-27210. 1 When two (2) constant flow outlets are required, use cylinder designation "D" 9800 - - 1 Wakefield green with lettering

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