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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1487 VALVE ASSEMBLIES 26875 and 26884 Series charging valve assemblies. 26875 SERIES, SAE AS-1046A. 26884 SERIES, SAE AS 1219. Avox 26875 and 26884 series charging valve assemblies are designed for recharg- ing high pressure, fixed aircraft oxygen cylinders stored in out-of-the-way or inaccessible locations. Both assemblies are similar in construction except that the fitting end of the 26875 series is designed per SAE AS 1046A, and the fitting end of the 26884 series is designed per SAE AS 1219. The valve assemblies may be mounted on the interior bulkheads or externally on the aircraft skin. The assemblies contain an internal check valve, filter, and flow restrictor. The external cap prevents the entry of contaminates and provides a sec- ondary seal. They are designed for 1850 PSIG general and executive type aircraft oxygen systems ranging in capacity from 11 to 115 cubic feet (300 to 3300 l). Outstanding features: Rugged construction permits inlet pressures to 3000 psi External cap provides back-up protection against leaks Highly reliable performance -65 F to 150 F temperatures Maximum weight less than .200 lbs. The dash number indicates capacity of cylinder to be recharged. Example: 26875-48 = ORIFICE SET to fill 48 cubic foot cylinder Dash numbers available for 26875 series and 26884 series: -11, -22, -38, -39, -48, -49, -63, -66, -73, -76, -107, -115. Specifications Service gas Aviator's breathing oxygen per MIL-PRF-27210, Type 1 Inlet pressure 0-3000 psi Operating temperature range -65 to +150 F -54 to +66 C Construction Main parts - brass, cadmium plated cap of 26884 Series is CRES Weight #26875 Series - 0.187 lbs. (84.79 g) #26884 Series - 0.198 lbs. (89.78 g) The 26875 Series inlet fitting connection mates with Avox P/N 5020-1 filler coupling Replacement cap and chain assemblies Part no. 26875-99 for 26875 Series Part no. 26894-01 for 26884 Series WARNING: IMPROPER USE OR MAINTENANCE OF THESE DEVICES MAY RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH. ANY SERVICE OR OVERHAUL SHALL BE DONE ONLY BY THOSE FACILITIES EXPERIENCED IN, OR BY PERSONNEL KNOWLEDGEABLE IN, HIGH PRESSURE AVIATION OXYGEN. CONTACT AVOX SYSTEMS OR ITS DISTRIBUTORS FOR NAMES OF AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS. PERSONNEL SHOULD RECEIVE PROPER TRAINING PRIOR TO USING THIS EQUIPMENT. UNIT SHALL BE USED WITH AVIATOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN PER MIL-PRF-27210. 26875 Series 26884 Series

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