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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1491 OVERBOARD DISCHARGE INDICATOR Overboard discharge indicator. Avox overboard discharge indicator for aircraft oxygen systems provides visual indication of oxygen system overboard venting. It offers immediate detection during walk around or other ground checks. Indicator is attached to the aircraft skin and is connected by tubing to the high pressure safety relief device on the oxygen cylinder mounted regulator or valve. When line pressure reaches 60 + 20 PSIG, the green snap-in nylon indicator disc dislodges - instant visual indication of oxygen system venting. Outstanding features: Precision construction Dependable activation at 60 + 20 PSIG Nylon snap-in replacement discs available (part no. 171-10) Part No. Description 171-12 Overboard discharge indicator Visit aviall.com to get information on AVOX Systems oxygen equipment systems and accessories.

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