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WASHERS AEROSPACE HARDWARE aviall.com aviall ability 15 NAS1149 flat washer. Replaces AN960. Size Old Part No. New Part No. Old Part No. New Part No. Old Part No. New Part No. #2 AN960-2L NAS1149FN216P AN960C2L NAS1149CN216R AN960XC2L NAS1149CN216B AN960-2 NAS1149FN232P AN960C2 NAS1149CN232R AN960XC2 NAS1149CN232B AN960JD2L NAS1149DN216J AN960B2 NAS1149BN232H AN960KD2L NAS1149DN216K AN960JD2 NAS1149DN232J - AN960KD2 NAS1149DN232K AN960PD2L NAS1149DN216J AN960PD2L NAS1149DN216K AN960D2L NAS1149DN216H AN960PD2 NAS1149DN232J AN960PD2 NAS1149DN232K AN960D2 NAS1149DN232H #3 AN960-3L NAS1149FN316P AN960C3L NAS1149CN316R AN960XC3L NAS1149CN316B AN960-3 NAS1149FN332P AN960C3 NAS1149CN332R AN960XC3 NAS1149CN332B AN960JD3L NAS1149DN316J AN960B3 NAS1149BN332H AN960KD3L NAS1149DN316K AN960JD3 NAS1149DN332J - AN960KD3 NAS1149DN332K AN960PD3L NAS1149DN316J AN960PD3L NAS1149DN316K AN960D3L NAS1149DN316H AN960PD3 NAS1149DN332J AN960PD3 NAS1149DN332K AN960D3 NAS1149DN332H #4 AN960-4L NAS1149FN416P AN960C4L NAS1149CN416R AN960XC4L NAS1149CN416B AN960-4 NAS1149FN432P AN960C4 NAS1149CN432R AN960XC4 NAS1149CN432B AN960JD4L NAS1149DN416J AN960B4 NAS1149BN432H AN960KD4L NAS1149DN416K AN960JD4 NAS1149DN432J - AN960KD4 NAS1149DN432K AN960PD4L NAS1149DN416J AN960PD4L NAS1149DN416K AN960D4L NAS1149DN416H AN960PD4 NAS1149DN432J AN960PD4 NAS1149DN432K AN960D4 NAS1149DN432H #5 AN960-5 NAS1149FN542P AN960C5 NAS1149CN542R AN960XC5 NAS1149CN542B AN960JD5 NAS1149DN542J AN960B5 NAS1149BN542H AN960KD5 NAS1149DN542K AN960PD5 NAS1149DN542J AN960PD5 NAS1149DN542K AN960D5 NAS1149DN542H #6 AN960-6L NAS1149FN616P AN960C6L NAS1149CN616R AN960XC6L NAS1149CN616B AN960-6 NAS1149FN632P AN960C6 NAS1149CN632R AN960XC6 NAS1149CN632B AN960JD6L NAS1149DN616J AN960B6 NAS1149BN632H AN960KD6L NAS1149DN616K AN960JD6 NAS1149DN632J - AN960KD6 NAS1149DN632K AN960PD6L NAS1149DN616J AN960PD6L NAS1149DN616K AN960D6L NAS1149DN616H AN960PD6 NAS1149DN632J AN960PD6 NAS1149DN632K AN960D6 NAS1149DN632H #8 AN960-8L NAS1149FN816P AN960C8L NAS1149CN816R AN960XC8L NAS1149CN816B AN960-8 NAS1149FN882P AN960C8 NAS1149CN832R AN960XC8 NAS1149CN832B AN960JD8L NAS1149DN816J AN960B8 NAS1149BN832H AN960KD8L NAS1149DN616K AN960JD8 NAS1149DN832J - AN960KD8 NAS1149DN832K AN960PD8L NAS1149DN816J AN960PD8L NAS1149DN816K AN960D8L NAS1149DN816H AN960PD8 NAS1149DN832J AN960PD8 NAS1149DN832K AN960D8 NAS1149DN832H #9 AN960-9 NAS1149FN949P AN960C9 NAS1149CN949R AN960XC9 NAS1149CN949B AN960JD9 NAS1149DN949J AN960B9 NAS1149BN949H AN960KD9 NAS1149DN949K AN960PD9 NAS1149DN949J AN960PD9 NAS1149DN949K AN960D9 NAS1149DN949H #10 AN960-10L NAS1149F0332P AN960C10L NAS1149C0332R AM960SC10LL NAS1149C0316B AN960-10 NAS1149F0363P AN960C10 NAS1149C0363R AN960XC10L NAS1149C0332B AN960JD10LL NAS1149D0316J AN960B10 NAS1149B0363H AN960XC10 NAS1149C0363B AN960JD10L NAS1149D0332J - AN960KD10LL NAS1149D0316K AN960JD10 NAS1149D0363J - AN960KD10L NAS1149D0332K AN960PD10L NAS1149D0316J AN960PD10L NS1149D0316K AN960KD10 NAS1149D0363K AN960PD10 NAS1149D0363J AN960PD10 NAS1149D0363K AN960D10L NAS1149D0316H AN960D10 NAS1149D0363H - - #11 AN960-11 NAS1149F1165P AN960C11 NAS1149C1165R AN960XC11 NAS1149C1165B AN960JD11 NAS1149D1165J AN960B11 NAS1149B1165H AN960KD11 NAS1149D1165K AN960PD11 NAS1149D1165J AN960PD11 NAS1149D1165K AN960D11 NAS1149D1165H 1 /4" AN960-416L NAS1149F0432P AN960C416L NAS1149C0432R AN960-416 NAS1149F0463P AN960C416 NAS1149C0463R AN960XC416L NAS1149C0432B AN960JD416L NAS1149D0416J AN960B416 NAS1149B0463H AN960KD416L NAS1149D0416K AN960JD416 NAS1149D0463J - AN960KD416 NAS1149D0463K AN960PD416L NAS1149D0416J AN960PD416L NAS1149D0416K AN960D416L NAS1149D0416H AN960PD416 NAS1149D0463J AN960PD416 NAS1149D0463K AN960D416 NAS1149D0463H AN960XC416 NAS1149C0463B - - 5 /16" AN960-516L NAS1149F0532P AN960C516L NAS1149C0532R AN960XC516L NAS1149C0532B AN960-516 NAS1149F0563P AN960C516 NAS1149C0565 AN960XC516 NAS1149C0563B AN960JD516L NAS1149D0516J AN960B516 NAS1149B0663H AN960KD516L NAS1149D0516K AN960JD516 NAS1149D0668 - AN960KD516 NAS1149D0563K AN960PD516L NAS1149D0516J AN960PD516L NAS1149D0516K AN960D516L NAS1149D0516H AN960PD516 NAS1149D0563J AN960PD516 NAS1149D0563K AN960D516 NAS1149D0563H Note: Interchangeability after 6 August 1992, AN960 washers are inactive for new design. Existing stock may be used until depleted, substitution shall be in accordance with the following table. Material Codes: N216 = 0.016 thick (old L) D = Aluminum J= Chemical treated finish K = Anodize F = Carbon steel P = Cadmium-plated C = Cres steel B = Black oxide

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