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SYMETRICS COUPLINGS aviall.com aviall ability 163 NON-LATCHING AUTOMATIC SELF-SEALING COUPLINGS Applications: Automatic couplings are recommended for use with today's advanced precision fluid systems for space flight, aircraft, ground and undersea applica- tions. Current applications include: electronic cooling systems, hydraulic accumulators/cylinders, brake systems, manifolds, vapor cycle and cryogenic systems. Automatic couplings are best utilized where space is limited, and hands off operation is required. Small envelope, high performance and unsurpassed reliability are key features of Stratoflex non-latching couplings. For compatible mating flex hose applications, refer to the Stratoflex Hose section of this catalog beginning on page 63. Sizes: Stratoflex automatic couplings are available from sub-miniature (see below) to one inch. Modifications and custom designs are available for special applications Manifold configurations may also be modified to suit envelope. Materials: Available in aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium and other exotic materials. Specifications: See SAE Aerospace Standards AS4251, AS5072/1/2/3. Nipple Socket Mated

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