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SYMETRICS COUPLINGS aviall.com aviall ability 165 SINGLE SHUT-OFF COUPLINGS Mating fitting (AS4375 flareless shown) Knurled outer sleeve Dynamic beam seal (MIL-F-85720) 37 flared fitting (AS4395) Applications: Single shut-off couplings are recommended for use on fluid systems requiring the self-sealing valving on one side of connections only. The single shut-off couplings mate with standard fluid fitting ends and other precision aerospace fittings. These couplings are available in lightweight aluminum for low-pressure applications and CRES or titanium for high-pressure applications. For compatible mating flex hose applications, refer to the Stratoflex hose section of this catalog beginning on page 63. Operation is simple and reliable: to couple, engage and rotate the knurled outer sleeve of the single shut-off coupling onto the mating fitting. Initial engagement can be accomplished by hand; final torque of the couplings is recommended in accordance with SAE ARP 908C. Note: modified or custom designs are available for special applications. Technical data: Operating pressure range: tp 4000 psi standard Material: CRES construction with 150000 series; titanium and aluminum available Seals: dependent upon fluid requirement Fitting ends: wide selection from which to choose Hose applications: see section starting on page 63 Specification: see SAE Aerospace Standard AS1896

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