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SAF-AIR DRAIN VALVES aviall.com aviall ability 169 SAF-AIR FUEL & OIL DRAIN VALVES Push Type Quick Fuel Drain Valves SAF-AIR push type quick fuel drain valves are the result of over 30 years of detailed research to engineer a line of fuel drain valves that meets the quality standards of the aircraft industry. The result is a close toler- ance drain valve of simple design; a valve using standard fuel resistant O-rings; and a valve with the most trouble free operation. SAF-AIR valves utilize a new principle of sealing the valve stem by using a straight seat. The design eliminates an area where dirt can gather, thus eradicating the main cause of drain valve drip. SAF-AIR push type quick fuel drain valves are available in two styles. The line of CAV style valves has a flush drain surface and the CAV-H style features 1 /4" hose adapters that allow fuel to be directed beyond the wing, fuselage or engine compartment. Stratoflex SAF-AIR fuel and oil drain valves are manufactured of steel with a cadmium plate QQ-P-416 Finish. O-ring: all valves M29513 Size 2-006; CAV-170 Size 2-012; CAV- 180 Size 2-011 Model CAV110 1 /8" NPT drain valve. PMA APPROVED. For Cessna 310 tip tanks; Mooney Mark 20 an 20A, all Ercoupe models; Bellanca, Taylorcraft model B; Stinson 108, 108-1, 108-2, 108-3; Voyager model 10 and 10A; Navion; Waco VK series and UPF; and Sea Bee. (See tag for more models.) Fits all stan- dard gascolators. Part No. Description CAV110 Model CAV-110 1 /8" NPT drain valve Model CAV-160 1 /4" NPT drain valve. PMA APPROVED. For Piper models J-3, J-4, PA-11, -12, -14, - 25, -16, -17, -18, -20, -22, -23, -15, and -28 Tri-Pacer; Apache; Champion; Aeronca; Cessna T-50 and earlier 120 and 140 models; and Beechcraft AT-11 and C-18S. Part No. Description CAV160 Model CAV-160 1 /4" NPT drain valve Model CAV-170 7 /16-20 NF-3 drain valve. PMA APPROVED. For all Cessna late 140A models, 150, 170, 170A, 170B, 172, and 175. Part No. Description CAV170 Model CAV-170 7 /16-20 NF-3 drain valve Model CAV-180 3 /8-24 NF-3 drain valve. PMA APPROVED. For Cessna 180, 182, 185, 190, 195, 205, 210 310, 310A, 310B, 310C, and 336. Part No. Description CAV180 Model CAV-170 3 /8-24 NF-3 drain valve Model CAV-100H-4; -160H-4; -170H-4; -180H-4 drain valves. PMA APPROVED. All four models come with 1 /4" hose end. Part No. Description CAV100H4 Model CAV-100H-4 drain valve CAV160H4 Model CAV-160H-4 drain valve CAV170H4 Model CAV-170H-4 drain valve CAV180H4 Model CAV-180H-4 drain valve CAV-110 CAV-160 1 /8" NPT 1 /4" NPT CAV-170 CAV-180 7 /16-20 3 /8-24 CAV-110H-4 CAV-160H-4 CAV-170H-4 CAV-180H-4

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