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SAF-AIR DRAIN VALVES aviall.com aviall ability 171 SAF-AIR FUEL & OIL DRAIN VALVES Flush Mounted Fuel Drain Valves Model 5817-4C fuel drain valves. Saf-Air 58174C fuel drain valves, like other Saf-Air models, are used to test aircraft fuel systems for contamination and water before each flight. The 5817-4C is mounted from the outside of the airframe into a bulkhead fitting. A spanner wrench is used to tighten the valve. Each valve is tested to 60 PSI. Material: aluminum 2024 and 7075 O-rings MS29513; spring 302 stainless steel. Outside finish: conversion coated (MIL-C-5541); inside finish anodized (MIL-A-8625). Part No. Description 5817-4C Model 5817-4C fuel drain valve Specialty Fuel Drain Valves F75. Used on wing tip tanks or any application where a 3/4"-16 flush mounted fuel drain valve is needed. This aluminum valve is simple and clean to operate, using any standard sampling tube. Just push up on the center of the valve to sample fuel. Our new design allows all the fuel to enter the tube without leakage. This valve is designed for use on the Cessna 310 and 441 model planes. Part No. Description F75 Model F75 specialty fuel drain valve C500. Used on the bladder style wing tanks with a 1/2' diameter nozzle. Part No. Description C500 Model C500 specialty fuel drain valve SA5817-4C. Used with a 3/8" -16 bulkhead fitting to mount the valve flush with the outside skin of the plane. A hose is attached to the valve with a 7/16" -20 fitting at the low point of the fuel system. Material is anodized aluminum. Part No. Description SA5817-4C Model SA5817-4C specialty fuel drain valve SA60S. Valve is the same as the CAV-160 except it is constructed of 304 stainless steel. The valve can be used in highly corrosive applications such as salt water. Part No. Description SA60S Model SA60S specialty fuel drain valve 4350-6L. 7/16"-20 thread and a long stem that can be cut to length for your application. Part No. Description 4350-6L Model 4350-6L specialty fuel drain valve Model F75 Model C500 Model SA5817-4C Model SA60S Model 4350-6L

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