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SST BLIND RIVET SYSTEM CHERRY SST RIVETS aviall.com aviall ability 175 The Cherry SST blind rivet system was designed to solve many of the blind fastening problems associated with aircraft assemblies requiring superior sheet take-up. Installation of the SST blind rivet system ensures consistent and permanent fastening of difficult assemblies with inherent gapping or slightly misaligned holes. The SST blind rivet system can be installed with standard CherryMax tooling with no adjustments needed. Eliminate sheet gaps in your toughest assemblesuse the SST blind fastening system for superior sheet take-up. Product Features: Superior sheet take-up Inspectable stem/collar relationship Cadmium free, non-magnetic stem One tool concept/no adjustments Flat bearing surface on the periphery of protruding head rivets New driving anvil on each rivet Numbering System Superior sheet take-up Typical aircraft door assembly utilizing Cherry's advanced SST Blind Rivet System Head Styles Part Number Example: CR6253 -6 -05 Grip dash number (Maximum grip in 1 /16 increments) Diameter dash number (Diameter in 1 /32 increments) Base part number (Materials, head style, and diameter series) Universal For protruding head applications Available in both nominal and oversize 100 flush For countersink applications Available in both nominal and oversize 100 flush (NAS1097) For thin top sheet, machine countersunk applications Available in nominal only

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