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WHEELS & BRAKES CLEVELAND WHEELS & BRAKES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1764 199-18 O-ring extractor kit Removal Hints: Removing an O-ring is a highly critical operation. In fact, a poor installation often begins when an old seal is removed. Here are some points to bear in mind: O-ring removal involves working with parts that have close-tolerance surface finishes. In critical surface finish areas, scratches, abrasions, dents, and surface deformities cause faulty seals, resulting in functional failure of components. Don't use hardened-steel, pointed, or sharp-edged tools for removal or installation of O-rings or backup rings. Soft-metal tools such as brass or aluminum are okay, and tools of phenolic rod, plastics, or wood can be formed into useful aids to help ring removal and installation. Tool surfaces must be well rounded, polished, and free of burrs. Check your tools often, especially those surfaces that come in contact with ring grooves and critical polished areas. When O-rings and backup rings are removed from pistons and cylinders, every effort should be made to avoid contact of tools with critical surfaces of parts. 087-00500 brake line bleeder The 087-00500 brake line bleeder can be used to service all Cleveland hydraulic brake assemblies or any other brake assembly utilizing the 079-00300 bleeder screw. Part No. Description 199-18 O-ring extractor kit Part No. Description 087-00500 Brake line bleeder O-ring extractor tool (pull type) O-ring Cylinder mouth Cylinder Back-up rings Pull O-ring removal tool (hook) O-ring extractor Tool (pull type) O-ring O-ring extractor tool (push type) Cylinder mouth Cylinder Push Back-up rings O-ring extractor tool (push type) O-ring removal Tool (hook) O-ring removal tool (hook) Pull Typical O-ring removal utilizing push type Extracting tool & hook removal tool Back-Up Rings Back-up rings Back-up rings O-ring removal tool (hook) O-ring extractor Tool O-ring O-Ring Extractor Tool (Hook) O-Ring Removal Tool (Wedge) O-ring removal tool (hook) O-ring removal tool (wedge) Typical single O-ring internal extraction utilizing Wedge type extracting tool & hook removal tool Typical dual O-ring internal extraction And simultaneous removal O-ring removal tool (spoon) O-ring extraction tool (wedge) O-ring removal tool (hook) Typical external O-ring Extraction removal utilizing O-ring removal sspoon CAUTION: DO NOT PERMIT UNNECESSARY CONTACT OF TOOLS WITH BEARING AND CYLINDER WALL SURFACES. AVOID DROPPING TOOLS INTO CYLINDERS. Typical single O-ring removal utilizing wedge type extracting tool & hook removal tool NOTE: AFTER O-RING IS DISLODGED FROM GROOVE, HOLD SPOON TOOL STATIONARY, SIMULTANEOUSLY ROTATE AND WITHDRAW PISTON FROM RING. Service/Maintenance Kit

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