Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 181 Hardware, Hose & Fittings

SST TOOL SELECTION CHERRY SST FASTENERS aviall.com aviall ability 181 Application Chart The tooling and pulling head combinations shown in the chart below will install oversize and nominal diameter rivets indicated by the shaded areas, in all grip lengths and head styles. Rivet Diameter Riveter Pulling Head -4 -5 -6 G27 - X G686B-S H680B200A X G689 H680B200A X G700 H680B200A X G701A H701B456 X H753A456 X H781456 X G704B H701B456 X G704B-40SH H753A456 X G704B-SR H781456 X G744 H846A456 X G744-85SH H846A456 X G746A H701B456 X H753A456 X H781456 X G747 H701B456 X H753A456 X H781456 X H749A456 X G749A H753A456 X H781456 X G750A - 1 X G784 H680B200A X 1 G750A supplied with straight head. Offset and right angle heads require adapter 750A088. Versatility of Cherry Tooling Item Part No. Description 1 H701B456 Straight pulling head (see page 196) 2 704A12-6 Extension (see page 205) 3 704A12-2 Extension (see page 205) 4 H781456 Offset pulling head (see page 196) 5 H753A456 Right angle pulling head (see page 196) 6 750A088 Adapter (see page 204) 7 G750A Hand riveter (see page 202) 8 G704B Power riveter (see page 196)

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