Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 183 Hardware, Hose & Fittings

CHERRY SPR RIVETS CHERRY SPR RIVETS aviall.com aviall ability 183 Installation Sequence - 3 /32" Nut Plate Attachment Tooling Hand Tools G29 Pulling head included G30 Pulling head included G750A With 750A-117 adapter and H9055-3 pulling head Power Tools G746 With H955-3 or H747-3NPR pulling head G704B With H955-3 or H747-3NPR pulling head G747 With H955-3 or H747-3NPR pulling head G702 With H702-3NPR pulling head 1. The Cherry 3 /32 SPR blind rivet is inserted into the prepared hole. The pulling head (installation tool) is slipped over the stem. Applying firm pressure, which seats the rivet head, the installation is actuated. 2. The pulling head holds the rivet in place as it begins to pull the rivet stem through the rivet sleeve. The rivet sleeve starts to expand on the blind side. 3. As the stem nears its breakoff point, the lock between the sleeve and the stem is formed. Continued pulling fractures the stem, providing a flush, burr-free installation.

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