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CHERRYMAX RIVETS CHERRY RIVETS aviall.com aviall ability 185 CherryMAX Rivet Benefits Driving Anvil A driving anvil is part of each CherryMAX Rivet assembly. This driving anvil eliminates wear and replacement of expendable installation tool components, considerably extending the life of the installation tool. It also allows one pulling head to install: 1 /8", 5 /32", and 3 /16" nominal and oversize diameter rivets Protruding, 100 flush and 100 flush shear, unisink, and 120 flush head styles All CherryMAX rivet grip lengths All CherryMAX rivet sleeve/stem material combinations Locking Collar The CherryMAX rivet features the patented "Safe-Lock" locking collar which enhances joint integrity and reliability The "Safe-Lock" locking collar is preformed to the stem during a sub- assembly operation, then deforms into the rivet sleeve head recess during installation, locking the rivet sleeve and stem together. The "Safe-Lock" locking collar is visible and inspectable after installation The "Safe-Lock" locking collar installs flush with the rivet sleeve head The "Safe-Lock" locking collar is approved for use in engine inlets and components. They will not vibrate loose after installation Rivet The CherryMAX rivet is available in both nominal and 1 /64" oversize shank diameters and is available in four material combinations: 5056 aluminum sleeve/alloy steel stem (50 KSI shear) 5056 aluminum sleeve/CRES stem (50 KSI shear) Monel sleeve/CRES stem (75 KSI shear) INCO 600 sleeve/INCO X-750 stem (75 KSI shear) Tooling Simplicity Lightweight, non-shifting installation tools require no adjusting Limited access capability with right angle and offset pulling heads and extensions for greater reach and "split" tools for special applications including automation and robotics Bulbed Blind Head Provides a large bearing surface area on the blind side of the structure, giving dependable results, even when installed in difficult thin sheet stack-up applications. Driving Anvil Safe-Lock Locking Collar Rivet Sleeve Bulbed Blind Head

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