Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 187 Hardware, Hose & Fittings

CHERRYMAX RIVETS CHERRY RIVETS aviall.com aviall ability 187 Diameter Bulbed CherryMAX rivets are offered in 1 /8" (-4), 5 /32" (-5), 3 /16" (-6) and 1 /4" (-8) shank diameters. They are available in nominal and 1 /64" oversize. A gold colored driving anvil identifies nominal diameter. A silver colored driving anvil identifies oversize diameter. Grip The grip range of all CherryMAX rivets is in increments of 1 /16", with the last dash number indicating the maximum grip length in 16ths. Example: -04 grip rivet has a grip range of 3 /16" (0.188) to 1 /4" (0.250). To determine the proper grip rivet to use, measure the material thickness with a Cherry 269C3 selector gage as shown here. Always read to the next higher number.

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