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VALVE PARTS, STRUTS & GAUGES EATON TIRE VALVES aviall ability aviall.com 1913 Dill High-Pressure Strut Valves Manufactured to AN and MS specifications, these valves are made of corrosion-resistant alloy steel to withstand high pressures. Used in high-pressure struts, hydraulic pressure accumulators, surge cylinders and high-pressure pneumatic systems. Model 534 TR RG-40 rubber grommet. For airplane tubeless valves. Part No. Description 534 Rubber grommet Model 448 TR RG-6. O-ring seal for tubeless airplane valves. Part No. Description 448 O-ring Model 9019-C MS-28889-2. Used on shock struts where operating pressure is rated for 5000 psig. Part No. Description 9019C High pressure strut valve Model 8990-C AN-6287-1. For operating pressures up to 3000 psig. Equipped with 302DN core and 637 cap. Part No. Description 8990C High pressure strut valve Model SK-15171 AN-812-1. For operating pressures up to 1500 psig. Equipped with 302DN core and 637 cap. Part No. Description SK15171 High pressure strut valve Dill Valve Cores & Caps (cont.) Hydraulic shock strut gauges. For aircraft tires and hydraulic shock struts. Inflates, deflates and gauges. Screw type locking chuck no. 9043, securely attaches to valve. Inflate through side inlet tank valve. Drain cock for bleeding pressures. Gauges are accurate to within 2%-1%-2% of total dial range. Packed 1 to metal case. Part No. Bore Calibrated 8874 Standard 0-400 psi with 3 metal extensions 8875 Standard 0-1500 psi 8876 Standard 0-3000 psi 7261* Large 0-400 psi * has large bore locking chuck no. 8927 Hose and chuck assemblies. Part No. For 7220C 8844 and 8885 8860A 8885 (18" length) 8860L 8885L (25" length)

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