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CHERRY HAND RIVETERS CHERRY HAND RIVETERS aviall.com aviall ability 201 CHERRY HAND RIVETERS Model G750ACMR hand riveter tool kit. The Cherry G750ACMR hydraulic riveter tool kit includes the G750A with a straight pulling head, adapter assembly, a right angle pulling head, an offset pulling head and a sturdy plastic carrying case. NSN: 5120-01-432-6190. Part No. Description G750ACMR G750ACMR hand riveter tool kit G750A Hydraulic hand riveter (includes straight pulling head) H781456 Offset pulling head H753A456 Right angle pulling head 750A088 Adapter assembly H781456 Offset pulling head tool sheet H753A456 Right angle pulling head tool sheet Model G750A lightweight hand riveter. The Cherry G750A hand hydraulic riveting tool provides the versatility of a pneumatic-hydraulic riveter but with the lightweight, high pull strength ratio desirability not found in other hand riveters. The Cherry G750A has a unique 2-stage hydraulic power cylinder that pro- vides the user with the ease of pulling the handle without the strain normally endured to install a high strength fastener. The Cherry G750A hand riveter can install a variety of blind fastener styles, diameters, head configuration and material combinations. The straight pulling head is provided with the tool. NSN: 5120-01-432-9361. The G750A can pull the following rivets using the corresponding pulling heads and adapters: Pulling Head Type Adapter Rivet Diameter Standard Straight - CherryMAX -4, -5, -6 CherryMAX "AB" -4, -5, -6 1 SST -4, -5, -6 MaxiBOLT -4, -5 H781456 Offset 750A-088 CherryMAX -4, -5, -6 CherryMAX "AB" -4, -5, -6 1 SST -4, -5, -6 MaxiBOLT -4, -5 H753A456 Right angle 750A-088 CherryMAX -4, -5, -6 CherryMAX "AB" -4, -5, -6 1 SST -4, -5, -6 MaxiBOLT -4, -5 H750A8 Straight - CherryMAX -8 CherryMAX "AB" -8 1 No 3 /16" (-6) or 1 /4" (-8) aluminum; pulls stainless steel and Monel only Part No. Description Stroke Pulling Force Weight G750A G750A lightweight hand riveter 0.75" 3800/4200 lbs. 4.25 lbs. (1.93 kg) H781456 Offset pulling head (NSN 5130-01-393-2925; military part no. M85188S3) H753A456 Right angle pulling head (NSN 5130-01-393-2926; military part no. M85188S2) H750A8 Straight pulling head, -8 ( 1 /4") diameter

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