Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 203 Hardware, Hose & Fittings

CHERRY TOOL ACCESSORIES CHERRY TOOL ACCESSORIES aviall.com aviall ability 203 CHERRY TOOL ACCESSORIES Model 740A26 riveter adapter. Allows the use of H701-456, H781-456 and H753A-456 on G740A and G86A riveters. Part No. Description 740A26 Riveter adapter Model 744A20 riveter adapter. Use on the G744 to accept H701B-456, H781-456 and H753A-456. Part No. Description 744A20 Riveter adapter Model 744B25 riveter adapter. Use on G744 to accommodate Huck 352 style blind bolt pulling heads. Part No. Description 744B25 Riveter adapter Model 744-100 riveter adapter. This adapter is used on the G83/84 and permits the use of larger lockbolt and blind bolt pulling heads as used on the G87D and 353 tools. Part No. Description 744-100 Riveter adapter Model 744-200 riveter adapter. Converts the G83/G84 to the end configuration of the G744 to allow the use of H744A-8, H827-8, H828-5MB and H828-6MB pulling heads. Part No. Description 744-200 Riveter adapter Model 744-300 riveter adapter. Use on G83/G84 to accept CherryMAX pulling heads H701B-456, H753A-456 and H781-456. Part No. Description 744-300 Riveter adapter Model 750-050 riveter adapter. Use with G750 to attach H781-456, H753-456 and CherryMAX extensions. Part No. Description 750-050 Riveter adapter Model 750-117 riveter adapter. For use on G750A to accept H9015 and H9055 series pulling heads. Part No. Description 750-117 Riveter adapter Model 750A-088 riveter adapter. Use with G750A to attach H781-456 and H753A-456 pulling heads. Part No. Description 750A-088 Riveter adapter Model H750A-080-( ) riveter adapter heads. Threaded mandrels ranging in size from 6-32 to 3/8- 16 for use with the G750A for the installation of threaded inserts. Consult Aviall for complete part numbers. Part No. Description H750A-080-( ) Riveter adapter heads

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