Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2059 Undercarriage & Tires

AIRCRAFT TIRES MICHELIN TIRES aviall ability aviall.com 2059 Michelin Tires - Product Overview Michelin AIR Michelin's premium general aviation tire line, introduced in 1992 Superior ozone resistance designed to prevent premature aging Smooth, sleek sidewall for an attractive appearance Bead area enhancements developed to improve wheel fit and air retention Precise building techniques used to provide outstanding balance properties Advanced tread compounds designed to provide long wear Original equipment on popular Raytheon, Mooney and Commander aircraft Aviator Designed with a deep skid depth to provide long wear Tread compounds developed to help prevent cuts on less than ideal runway situations Strong casings engineered for exceptional durability and strength A performance tire at an exceptional price Michelin AIR X Radial Available for corporate, commercial, and military aircraft Significantly lighter in weight than comparable bias ply tires Improved cut resistance Cooler operating which offers Quicker turn around times. Up to 50% longer wear Reduced maintenance costs because of fewer tire changes AAT Advanced Aerospace Tire developed as result of Space Shuttle program Product data contained in this catalog has been derived from information obtained from Aviall's suppliers. Some of the information has been summarized and rearranged to facilitate searching the catalog. Aviall does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions. It is recommended that mechanics verify FAA eligibility before installing a part on an aircraft. All users of this catalog do so at their own risk. Information in this catalog is subject to change without notice. Please see additional disclaimer information at the beginning of the catalog.

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