Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2102 Aircraft Fluids

SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS ANDEROL INC. LUBRICANTS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2102 ROYCO 22MS synthetic high load grease - wide temperature ranges. MEETS MIL-G-81827A. This synthetic hydrocarbon-based grease in a non-soap type thickener contains both graphite and molybdenum disulfide, ROYCO 22MS is fortified with rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors; water washout resistance; and enhanced load carrying capacity. It is recommended for use in gearboxes, splines, and heavily loaded sliding steel-on-steel surfaces where the solid load carrying additive package will prevent or delay seizure in the event of inadequate lubrication. Part No. Description Size 22MS35LB Synthetic high load grease - wide temperature ranges 35 lb. pail 22MS400LB Synthetic high load grease - wide temperature ranges 400 lbs. 22MSCTG Synthetic high load grease - wide temperature ranges 14 oz. cartridge ROYCO 27 advanced multipurpose grease. MEETS MIL-PRF-23827C Type 2. A true multipurpose synthetic-based grease with a lithium soap thickener containing rust, corrosion, and oxidation inhibiting additives. Use of ROYCO 27 can appreciably reduce grease inventories. This product is recommended for instru- ments, gears, actuators, bearings, and general airframe lubrication. ROYCO 27 is also an excellent choice where a smooth, low noise, wide temperature range lubricant is required, such as in miniature precision bearings. Part No. Description Size 27-1-75LB Advanced multi-purpose grease 1.75 lbs. 27-35LB Advanced multi-purpose grease 35 lbs. 27-6-5LB Advanced multi-purpose grease 6.5 lbs. 27CTG Advanced multi-purpose grease 14 oz. cartridge ROYCO 32 fuel, solvent and oil-resistant grease. MEETS SAE-AMS-G-6032. This stiff textured synthetic oil-based grease is fortified with a lithium soap type thickener to resist wash-off by fuels, oils, hydrocarbon solvents and high pressure steam or water. ROYCO 32 contains additives for oxidation and corrosion resis- tance as well as tackifiers to resist mechanical removal of the lubricant. This grease is recommended for lubricating high pressure valves, as a gasket or sealing aid for pumps and gearboxes, and as a plug valve lubricant where fuel, oil, alcohol and steam or water resistance are required. ROYCO 32 is not recommended for applications requiring an antiwear additive package. Part No. Description Size 32-1-75LB Fuel, solvent and oil-resistant grease 1.75 lbs. ROYCO 36 semifluid synthetic-based grease for rotary weapons. MEETS MIL-PRF-85336B Amd 2. ROYCO 36 is a synthetic oil-based grease with a lithium soap type thickener. Its high technology additive package provides maximum lubricant performance over a wide range of both temperatures and environments. Antiwear, rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors provide absolute system reliability and optimum performance in rotary weapons systems with extreme high cyclic rates of fire, as well as in their ammunition feed systems. Part No. Description Size 36-55GL Semifluid synthetic-based grease for rotary weapons 55 gallons 36-5GL Semifluid synthetic-based grease for rotary weapons 5 gallons ROYCO 43 pneumatic systems grease. MEETS SAE-AMS-G-4343. A lithium soap thickened, oil-based grease with good oxidation resistance, moisture and corrosion protection and lubricity - especially at low temperatures, ROYCO 43 is an excellent choice for the lubrication of rubber-on-metal surfaces. Has little or no effect on elastomers. Recommended for use on assemblies such as pressurized bulkhead seals and grommets as well as other applications requiring rubber-to-metal lubrication. Part No. Description Size 43-6-5LB Pneumatic systems grease 6.5 lb. can 43-35LB Pneumatic systems grease 35 lbs. 43-400LB Pneumatic systems grease 400 lbs.

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