Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2107 Aircraft Fluids

SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS ANDEROL INC. LUBRICANTS aviall ability aviall.com 2108 Shelf Life Data Product MIL-Spec Part No. ShelfLife SAE-AMS-6529 Type 1 ROYCO 581 3 years SAE-AMS-6529 Type 2 ROYCO 482 3 years SAE-AMS-6529 Type 3 ROYCO 483 3 years MIL-PRF-7024E Type 2 ROYCO 950 2 years MIL-DTL-17111C ROYCO 717 3 years FMS-1071 ROYCO 71 3 years MIL-G-3545C ROYCO 45 3 years MIL-G-4343C ROYCO 43C 3 years MIL-G-6032D ROYCO 32 3 years MIL-G-21164D ROYCO 64 3 years MIL-G-23549C ROYCO 49 3 years MIL-PRF-23827C Type 2 ROYCO 27 3 years DOD-G-24508A ROYCO 28CF 3 years MIL-G-25013E ROYCO 13CF 3 years MIL-PRF-81322F ROYCO 22CF 3 years MIL-G-81827B ROYCO 22MS 3 years MIL-PRF-560611 ROYCO 756 4 years MIL-PRF-6083F ROYCO 783 4 years MIL-H-46170C Type 1, 2 ROYCO 770 5 years MIL-PRF-83282D ROYCO 782 5 years MIL-PRF-32033AMI ROYCO 308CA 4 years MIL-PRF-3150D ROYCO 315 4 years MIL-PRF-6081D ROYCO 481 4 years MIL-PRF-6085D ROYCO 885 5 years MIL-PRF-6086E L&M ROYCO 586L&M 4 years MIL-PRF-7808L Gr3 ROYCO 808 5 years MIL-PRF-7870C ROYCO 363 4 years MIL-L-19701B ROYCO 601 3 years MIL-PRF-23699F (all designations) ROYCO 500, 560, 899 3 years DOD-L-25681C ROYCO 81MS 4 years MIL-L-46000C ROYCO 46 3 years MIL-PRF-63460D ROYCO 634 4 years MIL-PRF85336B Amd2 ROYCO 36 3 years DOD-L-85734A (AS) ROYCO 555 3 years SAE-AMS-2518 ROYCO 44 3 years Type II shelf life items may be retested to conformance with the applicable specification - at which time the material is reapproved for use for another shelf life period. All the products listed here are classified as Type II. The US Government Defense General Supply Center has defined shelf life or retest periods which are more conservative than those by Anderol, Inc. (A Unit of Kaufman Holdings Corporation). The shelf life periods listed in this publication are based on our expertise and knowledge of chemistry, performance, application of the product, and the assumption that proper care and storage of the product in its original container is in practice. Use these products in Department of Defense applications may require different shelf life notations. Warranty: All products purchased from Anderol are subject to terms and conditions set out in the contract, order acknowledgement and/or bill of lading. Anderol warrants only that its product will meet those specifications designated as such herein or in other publications. All other information supplied by Anderol is considered accurate but is furnished on the expressed condition that the customer shall make its own assessment to determine the product's suitability for a particular purpose. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding such other information, the data upon which the same is based, or the results to be obtained from the use thereof; that any product shall be merchantable or fit for any particular purpose; or that the use of such other information or product will not infringe any patent. ROYCO P/N Shelf Life ROYCO LGF 4 years ROYCO SSF 4 years ROYCO 10 3 years ROYCO 11MS 3 years ROYCO C-201 3 years ROYCO HF-825 5 years Commercial (Non-MIL-Spec) Products

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