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AVIATION LUBRICANTS EXXON MOBIL LUBRICANTS aviall ability aviall.com 2115 Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 synthetic aviation grease. Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 is a supreme performance synthetic grease which combines the unique features of a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluid with those of a high quality lithium complex soap thickener. Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 is rec- ommended for aviation applications which need a lubricant that can perform normal functions, yet go far beyond in terms of high and low temperatures and long-life performance. It is a NLGI Grade 2/ISO VG 100 grease, having the cold-temperature pumping resistance of most mineral-oil NLGI Grade 0 greases. It provides outstand- ing protection at operating temperatures from -54 C (-65 F) to 177 C (350 C). Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 is recommended for high speed, heavy load applica- tions such as wheel bearings, as well as for slower speed, high load applications such as landing gear bearings, slides, and joints. Viscosity Part No. Description at -40 C (-40 F) at 100 C (212 F) Size SHC100CTG Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 100 14.5 12.5 oz cartridge SHC100AVI35LB Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 100 14.5 35 pounds ABSC Dunlop Goodrich Honeywell (formerly Allied Signal) Messier-Bugatti Parker-Cleveland Mobilgrease 27 synthetic aviation grease. MIL-PRF-23827 APPROVED; NATO CODE G-354 COMPLIANT. Mobilgrease 27 is a high performance, aviation grease designed to combine the unique features of a synthetic ester base fluid with a lithium soap thickener. Mobilgrease 27 maybe used in all applications where MIL- G-3278, MIL-G-7118 MIL-G-7421, and MIL-G-15793 are specified, subject to approval by the aircraft manufacturer. Mobilgrease 27 is a true multipurpose aviation grease intended for use in highly loaded gears and actuators as well as instruments, high speed bearings (though not recommended for wheel bearings), and general airframe lubrication over temperatures from 100 F to 275 F (-73 C to 135 C). Viscosity Part No. Description at -40 C (-40 F) at 100 C (212 F) Size M0BIL27CTG Mobilgrease 27 9.2 2.7 12.5 oz. cartridge M0BIL27-35LB Mobilgrease 27 9.2 2.7 35 pounds Mobil Greases Mobilgrease 28 synthetic aviation grease. Mobilgrease 28 is designed for the lubrication of plain and rolling bearings at low to high speeds, and splines, screws, worm gears, and other mechanisms where high friction reduction, low wear, and low lubricant friction losses are required. The recommended operating temper- ature range is -54 C to 177 C (-65 F to 350 F) with appropriate relubrication intervals. Mobilgrease 28 is recommended for use in landing wheel assemblies, control systems and actuators, screw jacks, servo devices, sealed-bearing motors, oscillating bearings, and helicopter rotor bearings on military and civil aircraft. Subject to equipment manufacturer approvals, it can also be used on naval shipboard auxiliary machinery and where superseded specifications MIL-G-7711A, MIL-G-3545B, and MIL-G-25760A are recommended. Viscosity Part No. Description at -40 C (-40 F) Size M0BIL28CTG Mobilgrease 28 29.3 12.5 oz. cartridge M0BIL28-5LB Mobilgrease 28 29.3 5 pounds M0BIL28-35LB Mobilgrease 28 29.3 35 pounds Approved for Use as Wheel Bearing by:

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