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aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2116 FUEL MICROBIAL & AGENTS Biobor JF diesel and jet fuel microbicide. MIL-S-53021A. Biobor JF is a liquid fuel additive that combats fungus and other microbial life in hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel and jet fuels, but also effective in light oils and transmission fluid. Biobor JF eliminates growth of harmful slime-producing fungi that clog filters and pipelines, attack rubber fuel system components and whose waste products aid in the corrosion of metal surfaces. Biobor JF is simple to use and harmless to the wide variety of fuel system parts, top coatings, sealants and elastomeric materials tested. It does not adversely affect fuel performance in engines. Biobor JF is an effective microbicide because of its equilibrium solubility in both fuel and water under conditions of fuel storage. Boibor JF is used by a large number of aircraft manufactures, airlines, marines, trucking fleets, railroads, bulk storage terminals, fuel suppliers and by users other of hydrocarbon fuels and oils exposed to the possibility of contamination by fungus and bacteria. Part No. Description Size BI 0 B 0 R16 0 Z Biobor in E-Z squeeze bottle 16 oz. BI 0 B 0 RQT Biobor JF Quart BI 0 B 0 RGL Biobor JF Gallon BI 0 B 0 R40LB Biobor JF 40 lb. Drum BI 0 B 0 R45 0 LB Biobor JF 450 lb. Drum Hum-Bug detector kit for microbial growth in fuel and oils. Microbial growth in fuel poses a serious hazard to both equipment and fuel storage tanks. This growth can clog filters, fuel lines, and cause damage to fuel pumps and even foul injectors. Mats of growth can even prevent water and particulates from settling out of the fuel. Early detection of this microbial growth is absolutely critical for proper fuel quality control. Early detection can prevent costly downtime and equipment repair or replacement. Part No. Description HUMBUGKIT Hum-Bug detector kit HAMMONDS FUEL ADDITIVE

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