Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2118 Aircraft Fluids

TOP CYLINDER LUBRICATION MARVEL LUBRICATION aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2118 Marvel Mystery Oil. Provides top cylinder protection to extend engine life, improve performance, and increase gas mileage. Added to gasoline: Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and carburetors Improves gasoline mileage Reduces and prevents varnish and gum build-up Extends spark plug life Safe for catalytic convertors and oxygen sensors Added to engine oil: Prevents valve sticking and clatter Fortifies properties of engine oil, prevents breakdown caused by extreme temperatures Promotes easier cold weather stars Reduces and prevents acid and sludge formation Part No. Description Size MYSTERY 0 ILPT Mystery Oil top cylinder lubrication Pint MYSTERY 0 ILQT Mystery Oil top cylinder lubrication Quart MYSTERY 0 ILGL Mystery Oil top cylinder lubrication Gallon

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