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AEROSOL ADHESIVES & SEALANTS 3M AEROSOL ADHESIVES & SEALANTS aviall ability aviall.com 2128 08001 Super weatherstrip adhesive 08031 Fast Tack trim adhesive 74 FoamFast spray adhesive 76 Hi-Tack spray adhesive 74 FoamFast spray adhesive. For bonding flexible urethane or latex foam together or to many other materials like wood, metal, and non-vinyl plastics. Orange. Part No. UPC Description Size Quantity 74 00021200822421 California approved formula 24 fl. oz. 12 per case 021200-96316 00021200963162 Original formula (not for sale in CA) 24 fl. oz. 12 per case 76 Hi-Tack spray adhesive. Quick-tacking, fast strength buildup. Aerosol, for bonding hard to hold materials like polyethylene and polypropylene. SBR rubber, fabric and felt. Original formula. Part No. UPC Description Size Quantity 76 00021200963179 Original formula (not for sale in CA) 24 fl. oz. 12 per case 021200-30026 00021200300264 California approved 24 fl. oz. 12 per case Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive. High tack, high coverage and fast drying for permanently attaching foils, carpeting, lightweight paper, cardboard, felt and cloth to painted or unpainted metals, wood and hardboard. Not for sale in California. Part No. UPC Description Size Quantity 77 00021200212109 Spray adhesive 24 oz. 12 per case 80 Rubber and vinyl adhesive. First true contact adhesive in aerosol form. It has exceptional resistance to plasticizing oils. Bonds rubber and supported vinyls better than many typical bulk neoprene contact adhesives. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 021200-82618 00021200826184 24 oz. 6 per case 90 Hi-Strength spray adhesive. Fast contact strength buildup for many decorative laminates. Only needs one minute of drying time. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 021200-30023 00021200300233 2 oz. 12 per case Adhesives/Sealants 05960 Acryl-Green spot putty. A fast drying, easy sanding putty designed for spotty repairs. Spreads very easily. Loads paperless and can be sanded in 10 to 15 minutes. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 05960 00051144059607 21 oz. tube 12 per case 08001 Super weatherstrip adhesive. A strong, flexible, rubbery adhesive that can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations. It can be used to bond automotive weatherstripping and is a great adhesive for holding paper, cork, or rubber gaskets in place during installation. Part No. UPC Color Size Quantity 08001 00051135080016 Yellow 5 oz. tube 6 per case 08031 Fast Tack trim adhesive. Extremely fast-drying light amber adhesive for bonding trim fabric. This product is especially good for adhering overhead trim, like headliners. Light non-staining color. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 051135-08031 00051135080313 5 oz. tube 6 per case WARNING - UPC numbers are provided to assist in finding MSDS and technical data information on 3M's website. Generally, Aviall sells in single unit quantities. UPC numbers define not only the product, but the quantity as well (such as individual containers, cases or pallets). The UPC's shown are not necessarily for individual quantities. Ordering using the UPC number may result in your receiving a case or pallet of material. Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive Aerosol Adhesives

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