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AVIATION COATING SYSTEMS ALUMIGRIP COATINGS aviall ability aviall.com 2170 Covering the World's Finest Aircraft Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings (ANAC) is the global supplier-of-choice for innovative paint and coating systems to the aerospace industry - and has been for 75 years. With advanced technology solutions and systems, ANAC products are driving the industry's high-performance and durability standards. No matter what the size, configuration or function of an aircraft, ANAC provides manufacturers and maintenance facilities with a full range of primers, topcoats and specialty coatings. Business jets, utility turbo-props, personal and small business aircraft are painted with ANAC topcoat systems and decorative finishes to reflect the style, and meet the requirements of, a distinctive and demanding market. From the inside out, ANAC offers specialized coatings to keep your aircraft in pristine condition. Alumigrip topcoat. This conventional solids, polyurethane finish provides a high-gloss finish with excellent distinctness of image (DOI). Formulated to the demanding requirements of the market, Alumigrip topcoats have a rich history of providing superior color performance along with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Alumigrip HS high solids topcoat. This high solids, environmentally friendly polyurethane finish offers all the features of Alumigrip conventional topcoat, with the added benefit of being buffable. Small imperfections such as dust or dirt settling into the wet paint film can be removed by a buffing process with no adverse effect on gloss, DOI or durability. Alumigrip AP topcoat. This fast drying acrylic polyurethane finish provides high gloss and DOI suitable for small aircraft and for accent colors and markings on larger business jets. Alumigrip special effects topcoats. This range of colors allows owners to develop a unique aircraft livery. Metallic - Metallic colors that can be applied as a single stage or clear coated for extra durability. Special effects mica - Gold and silver colors utilizing micas to provide a "metallic" look. Iridescent - Unique colors offering distinct appearances that change in color and intensity depending on the view angle and light. Alumigrip Systems Alumigrip System 1. Environmentally compliant system over Alodine. Surface Preparation: Chromate conversion coating Primer: 10P8-11 corrosion-resistant primer 10P30-8 high solids epoxy sanding surfacer Topcoat: Alumigrip HS Alumigrip special effects for accent markings

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