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PAINT & WALKWAY COMPOUND APV CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2176 Aeroprite paint. SATISFIES OSHA REQUIREMENTS TO ELIMINATE CHROMATES. A superior single-system coating combining primer with topcoat specially engineered for aircraft wheels and brakes. Available in either white, silver or gray in aerosol spray, and quart or gallon sizes. Designed for and used extensively by Goodyear Aerospace on wheels, brakes, and antiskid. Features include: adheres to alu- minum; very fast drying; easily removed with cold strippers; superior in abrasion to epoxy primers, zinc chromates, enamels and lacquers; and comparable in hardness to aluminum lacquer and polyurethane. Part No. Color Unit A1339AR White 12 oz. aerosol can A1339Q White 1 quart A1339-1G White 1 gallon J1242AR Silver 12 oz. aerosol can J1242QT Silver 1 quart J1242-1G Silver 1 gallon A8367AR Gray 12 oz. aerosol can A8367QT Gray 1 quart A8367GL Gray 1 gallon AP V Walkway is and anti-slip safety coating used for traction and safety purposes in many applications including: aircraft wings, loading steps, ladders, ramps, platforms, equipment &machinery, decking , trucks beds, marine holding tanks, etc. Originally developed for the military for use in various equipment and aircraft wings, the product meets MIL-W-5044C/A-A-59166 specification. Walkway TYPE ll has a rougher or more gritty texture than APV's original TYPE l. Custom colors available by special order Item Size Color Comment: G8130 GL Dark Gull Gray Replaces X1567G Gray Wingwalk G8130QT QT Dark Gull Gray Replaces X1567G Gray Wingwalk G9126 GL Black Q912QT QT Black Revised June 1,2015

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