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AVIALL PAINT SHOP AVIALL PAINT SHOP aviall ability aviall.com 2177 Aviall Paint Source WHEN A PAINT SHOP IS NOT A PAINTING SHOP AT ALL AVIALL, YOUR PAINT SOURCE. Aircraft painting is a delicate and precise art, and the color is just the first of many decisions that you have to make. Aviall is dedicated to reducing your decisions so you can focus on the masterpiece. Custom colors. The Aviall Paint Source custom mixes Akzo Nobel and Sherwin Williams Aircraft Coatings for use by professional painters. (Color Charts are available in the Akzo Nobel and Sherwin Williams sections of the catalog.) Just need a pint? No Problem - No matter how big or how small the job is, Aviall will still provide custom mixing services. Custom tinted paint can be purchased in pints, quarts or gallons with no minimum order required. Quick delivery. Same day shipping is available on most orders received before noon. Order your way. Sure, you can order your paint on Aviall.com even if it says that we have 0 stock, we can almost always ship the same day. Because the colors are custom mixed, the final part number will not be in inventory and the stock available will be "0". If you have an urgent requirement, please call 1-800-Aviall-1 and speak to a customer service representative. Prep, Prime, and Finish you're not finished. No matter what market you serve, General Aviation, Corporate, Air Taxi, Regional, Commercial Airline, Government or Military, for virtually any aircraft, Aviall provides a full range of consumables, tapes, applicators, solvents, primers, topcoats and specialty coatings to help you finish your job on time. Speaking of finishing, Aviall also provides a full range of aircraft wash- es and polishes to keep the luster in that custom paint job. Aviall Paint Shop Source 574 Airport South Pkwy. Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30349-8604 1-800-284-2551

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