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CHEMICALS & LUBRICANTS aviall ability aviall.com 2181 SP-400 corrosion inhibitor. * Long-term indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor for machined surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. SP-400 TM is an easily removable film that will provide protection of all equipment subject to heat, humidity, chemicals or severely corrosive atmospheres. The firm, waxy film is highly resistant to humidity and salt spray and never becomes brittle. Long term protection (up to 2 years outdoors) for all metals during shipment or extended storage. Waxy film seals out moisture completely. Part No. Description Size 03282 SP-400 16 oz. aerosol 03288 SP-400 55 gallon drum Precision Plus contact cleaner. Revolutionary contact cleaner with an aggressive, fast-penetrating, high purity formula that is VOC-exempt. Precision Plus Cleaner is non-flammable, chemically stable, non- conductive and non-corrosive. It helps prevent contact failure or malfunction by dissolving and rinsing away dust, lint, dirt, light oils and other contaminants as well as removing Krytox and other fluorinated greases. Precision Plus Cleaner contains HCFC (225), which has use restrictions and may only be sold to professional users for applications consistent with the regulation. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Safe on plastics, paper tapes, sensitive electronics, and all metal surfaces. Contains no Class I ozone depleting chemicals. Krytox is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation. Part No. Description Size 10310 Precision Plus 16 oz. aerosol *Note: This product is labeled extremely flammable. Read and observe the special usage warning on the label. Not for use on energized equipment. Precision contact cleaner. A high purity HCFC-based precision cleaning solvent designed to meet today's cleaning challenges. Fast-evaporating. Leaves no residue. Effectively cleans to help maintain peak operating performance. No flashpoint, non-conductive and non-corrosive. Fast-cleaning action for removal of flux, light oils and other contaminants. Surpasses performance properties of conventional precision cleaners. Applications: PC boards. edge connectors; motors and motor controls; contacts and relays; switches and sensors; flux removal. Do not use on polycarbonate or Noryl type plastics. Part No. Description 10330 16 oz. aerosol Quick Dry precision cleaner. MEETS PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS OF BOEING D6-17487 AND MCDONNELL DOUGLAS CSD-1 SPECIFICATIONS. CRC Quick Dry precision cleaner is a hydrocarbon-based precision cleaner ideal for applications where rapid evaporation is desired and flammability is not an issue. Harmless to most sensitive plastics. Removes hydraulic fluids like Skydrol . Evaporates rapidly, leaves no residue. Effectively removes contaminants from electrical and electronic components and contacts. Displace moisture. Applications: avionics, PC boards, fusible connecting devices; motors, generators and relays; terminals and rheostats; aircraft instrumentation, communications equipment, switchgears and circuit breakers. Part No. Description Size 10340 Quick Dry 16 oz. aerosol 03131 Quick Dry 5 gallon pail 03132 Quick Dry 55 gallon drum CRC AVIATION CHEMICALS

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