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CHEMICALS & LUBRICANTS aviall ability aviall.com 2183 Aviation window cleaner. MEETS THE PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS OF AMS-1534A. A modern blend of detergents and corrosion inhibitors designed to safely clean aircraft glass, plexiglass and other surfaces. Non-irritating. Penetrates through film and other surface contaminants to get glass and mirrors sparkling clean. Removes grease, fingerprints, scum and smoke haze from surfaces. Contains no alcohol or ammonia. Available in aerosol or spray pump. Applications: windows, interior surfaces, galley areas and overhead compartments. Part No. Description Size 10420 Aviation window cleaner 16 oz. aerosol Mechanix Orange citrus lotion hand cleaner with pumice. Formulated with the natural cleaning power of citrus, this fast, yet gentle, hand ! cleaner is pH balanced, highly concentrated and very effective at cleaning the toughest soil, grime, ink, oil and paint. Contains no petroleum solvents. Biodegradable ! formula. Quickly and effectively removes the toughest soil. Fortified with pumice for deep cleaning power. Conditions skin to leave hands feeling clean and fresh. Fresh ! citrus scent. Half gallon and one gallon container packaged with free disposable pump. Applications: anywhere hands get dirty and soiled. Part No. Description Size SL1712 Mechanix Orange 16 oz. bottle SL1717 Mechanix Orange 1 /2 gallon bottle lanolin cream hand cleaner. A gentle, odorless soap that removes grease, oil, ink, grime, paint, carbon stains, tar, pitch and other stubborn stains. Can ! be used with or without water. Quickly removes the toughest soils. Can be used to remove soils from hard surfaces. Applications: anywhere hands get dirty and soiled. Part No. Description Size SL1211 lanolin cream hand cleaner 14 oz. can lanolin pumice hand cleaner. An extra-tough formula with buffing-grade pumice for deep-cleaning power. Removes embedded and stubborn grease, ! oil, printer's ink, tar, cement, paint and other tough stains. Leaves hands feeling clean with lanolin and lemon scent. Outcleans regular soap. Applications: anywhere ! hands get dirty and soiled. Part No. Description Size SL1621 pumice cream hand cleaner 14 oz. can RTV silicone adhesives/sealants. CRC room temperature vulcanizing (rtv) silicone adhesives/sealants are designed for a wide range of sealing, bonding, protection and waterproofing applications. CRC's revolutionary package provides a convenient, waste-free alternative to messy caulking tubes. Pressurized package keeps silicone fresh - won't dry out like typical caulking tubes. Dispenses a consistent, uniform bead - time after time. Simply pull out the self-sealing plug to re-use. Applications: Clear RTV Silicone - Forms a barely visible water-tight seal and is ideal for windows, joints, duct work and most sealing applications. White RTV Silicone - Designed for high moisture, indoor/outdoor applications. Provides a waterproof seal for pipe, HVAC and other areas where high moisture resistance is required. Blue RTV Silicone A heavy duty industrial gasket sealant. Use CRC Blue RTV Silicone for filling gaps between hose connections, gear boxes, pumps, motors and for general gasket sealing. Red RTV Silicone - A high-temperature, low-odor, non-corrosive gasket sealant. Use CRC Red RTV Silicone in a variety of sealing and gasket applications that require no sag or shrinkage at temperatures ranging from - 60 to 500 F. Part No. Description Size 14055 Clear RTV silicone 8 oz. 14056 White RTV silicone 8 oz. 14057 Blue RTV silicone 8 oz. 14059 Red RTV silicone 8 oz. Light duty spray applicator. Non-pressurized, reusable pump sprayer. Compatible with most light liquids except paint and lacquer thinners. Convenient 16 oz. size. Part No. Description 14021 Light duty spray applicator CRC AVIATION CHEMICALS Revised June 1, 2015

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