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MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2187 Aerospace Sealants and Primers 730 solvent resistant sealant. One-part sealant with excellent adhesion to most substrates, maintains good properties under exposure to fuels, oils and solvents, wing box sealing, sealing in any areas where resistance to oil, fuel or solvents is required, acetic acid cure. Part No. Description Size RTV730-30Z 730 solvent resistant sealant 3 oz. RTV730-4-70Z 730 solvent resistant sealant 4.7 oz. RTV730-5-7502 730 solvent resistant sealant 5.75 oz. semco ctg. 732 multi purpose sealant. MEETS MIL-A-46106 REV B, AMEND 3; GE A15F6; DA683-352; PWA 36029; REV G. White, black, aluminum and clear colors, meets certain FDA and UL specifications -76 F to 350 F, excellent adhesion to most substrates without primer, galley sealing, sealing electrical leads, good all- around sealant and insulator in areas not sensitive to acetic acid. Part No. Description Color Size RTV732-10-30ZAL 732 multi-purpose sealant Aluminum 10.1 oz. RTV732-10-30ZCL 732 multi-purpose sealant Clear 10.1 oz. RTV732-10-30ZWH 732 multi-purpose sealant White 10.1 oz. RTV732-10-30ZBLK 732 multi-purpose sealant Black 10.1 oz. RTV732-30Z 732 multi-purpose sealant Clear 3 oz. RTV732-30ZALU 732 multi-purpose sealant Aluminum 3 oz. RTV732-30ZBLK 732 multi-purpose sealant Black 3 oz. RTV732-30ZWHI 732 multi-purpose sealant White 3 oz. RTV732-50ZBLK 732 multi-purpose sealant Black 4.7 oz. RTV732-50ZCLR 732 multi-purpose sealant Clear 4.7 oz. RTV732-50ZWHI 732 multi-purpose sealant White 4.7 oz. 734 flowable sealant. MEETS MIL-A-46106, AMEND 3, TYPE II, PWA 36057-15. White and clear colors, acetic acid cure, pourable, self-leveling, meets certain FDA standards, good for form-in-place gaskets. Part No. Description Color Size RTV734-30ZCLR 734 flowable sealant Clear 3 oz. RTV734-10-30ZWH 734 flowable sealant White 10.1 oz. RTV734-10-102 734 flowable sealant Clear 10.1 oz. 736 heat resistant sealant. MIL-A 46106B. Non-slumping sealant designed for sealing and bonding applications exposed to temperatures as high as 315 C (600 F). Part No. Description Color Size RTV736-3 0 ZRED 736 heat resistant sealant Red 3 oz. RTV736-10-3 0 ZRD 736 heat resistant sealant Red 10.1 oz. cte. RTV32-3OZ DOW CORNING CHEMICALS

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