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MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2189 3-6891 one-part silicone rubber abradable sealant compound. PWA 36447-19 REV B. Black, low density, high temperature stability, high abradability/machinability; for use as an abradable seal and rubstrip for jet engine compressor blades, high-temperature thermal insulation. Part No. Description Color Size 3-6891 3-6891 abradable sealing compound Black 1 gal. 1200 prime coat. BAC 5010, JCM13156. In clear and red, improves adhesion of one- and two-part RTV silicone rubbers especially to metal substrates, air dry, wipe on. Part No. Description Color Size DC1200PT 1200 prime coat Clear 1 pint DC1200PTRED 1200 prime coat Red 1 pint 1201 prime coat. RECOMMENDED FOR 3110 AND 3120. Improves adhesion when 1200 is not adequate. Part No. Description Size DC1201QT 1201 prime coat 1 quart DC1201GL 1201 prime coat 1 gallon 1204 prime coat. RECOMMENDED FOR 738, JCM 13156, A1SF11, MIL-P-82797(05). Improves adhesion of RTV silicone rubbers. Part No. Description Size DC1204PT 1204 prime coat 1 pint DC1204GL 1204 prime coat 1 gallon 1205 prime coat. RECOMMENDED FOR 732, 734, 736, 738 AND 1890 COATING. Improves adhesion of RTV silicone rubbers, particularly to plastics. Part No. Description Size DC1205-13-5 0 Z 1205 prime coat 13.5 oz. DC1205PT 1205 prime coat pint 94-003 dispersion coating. Fluorosilicone dispersion coating with excellent adhesion to most substrates even under exposure to fuels, oils and solvents, can be used to protect sensitive parts such as insulation on ducting, control corrosion in fuel tanks. Part No. Description Size 94003 94-003 dispersion coating 175 ml ctg. 3145 RTV adhesive/sealant. MIL-A-46146. Designed to provide long-term bonding and to protect against moisture, environmental attack, mechanical and thermal shock as well as vibration, especially where a high strength product is required. Part No. Description Color Size RTV3145-30Z 3145 RTV adhesive/sealant Clear 3 oz. RTV3145-30ZGRAY 3145 RTV adhesive/sealant Gray 3 oz. DOW CORNING CHEMICALS

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