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MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2191 Corrosion Protection Materials Metal protective coating. Extremely resistant to corrosive or salty environments, translucent, will not pick up dirt, good inherent lubrication properties, can be used to protect stamped parts, stored parts and equipment. Part No. Description Size METALC0AT100Z Metal protective coating 10 oz. 1890 protective coating. Easy-to-apply silicone rubber dispersion, provides excellent moisture protection, resistant to sand, dust and dirt, applied by spraying or brushing, becomes tack-free in 25 minutes, forming rubbery overcoat, can be used to protect electrical equipment, insulators, bus bars, plus truck cabs, insulators, trailers. Part No. Description Size DC1890GL 1890 protective coating 1 gal. FS 3452 fluoro-silicone grease. Lubricating and sealing grease for metal/metal, metal/plastic and metal/elastomer combinations involving slow movements and heavy loadings over very wide temperature ranges, particularly under unfavorable environmental influences. Wide service temperature range of -20 C to 450 F Part No. Description Size DC3452-19-4 FS 3452 fluoro-silicone grease 19.4 oz. DC3452-10LB FS 3452 fluoro-silicone grease 10 lb. Q4-2817 fluoro-silicone sealant. Q4-2817 fluorosilicone sealant is resistant to fuels, oils and solvent. It is designed and manufactured for use by the aerospace, aircraft and automotive industries. Part No. Description Q4-2817 Q4-2817 fluoro-silicone sealant DOW CORNING CHEMICALS

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