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LEATHER CLEANERS & CONDITIONERS PERRONE CLEANERS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2192 Wipes and canister. MEETS AMS-3819B, BMS-15-F, AND DMS-1820E AEROSPACE STANDARDS. These wipes feature our custom blended Leather Cleaner with Conditioner formula coupled with Dupont's aerospace approved fabric. Large 9" x 11" wipes come packaged in a rugged, reusable canister. Leather cleaner with conditioner. This unique formula is custom blended to clean and rejuvenate fine leather surfaces. Leather Cleaner with Conditioner features a unique protective barrier that, when used regularly, helps to prevent soiling from stains such as dirt, grease, ink, grime and body oils. Ink remover. This product will help to effectively remove most ink and highlighter stains from finished leather surfaces. Removes lipstick and other stains quickly and effectively. Will not harm the finish system of finished leather. Part No. Size IR102 2 oz. bottle, 12 bottles per case IR132 32 oz. bottle, 12 per case IR128 1 gallon, 6 per case Part No. Size CC132 32 oz. bottles, 12 per case CC128 1 gallon , 6 per case CC105 5 gallons CC155 55 gallons Part No. Description Size SW145 Wipes and canister 45 wipes SWR145 Wipes refill (packet) 45 wipes Wipes economy towel. Same great Leather Cleaner with Conditioner formula featured in a cost effective 50 count wipe configuration. Oversized 12" x 14" wipe allows for maximum coverage on finished leather and vinyl surfaces. Convenient disposable canister. Part No. Size PT150 50 wipes per cannister, 6 cannisters per case CC132 IR102 SW145

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