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ENGINE CLEANER ECT, INC. ENGINE CLEANERS aviall ability aviall.com 2193 R-MC Compressor Wash OEM Approval List R-MC Engine Cleaners R-MC is the best turbine engine cleaning product, whether you are operating smaller turbines (such as Rolls-Royce 250, Pratt & Whitney PT6-A and JT-15D, etc.) or multi-million dollar airline engines. Real time operating experiences show that engine performance and component life benefit significantly from the use of R-MC. With R-MC, the cleaning procedure is easy, fast, and safe, it requires no mixing prior to use and no rinsing after use, in most applications. The average cleaning time is less than 30 minutes, and R-MC is non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable. ECT provides application tooling built to exacting standards for all makes of gas turbines. Our technical support personnel are available to ensure that the full benefits of R-MC are achieved. When contaminants accumulate in the compressors of gas turbine engines, the outcome is predictable: sharply reduced power, increased running temperatures, greater fuel consumption, and possible compressor vibration and stall during acceleration. In short, unnecessary and costly unit downtime. Small aircraft operators have found that cleaning with R-MC leads up to 50% greater time between overhauls. Boeing D6-17487 CFM International CFM56 CFM International CFM56-5 Garrett APU's General Electric CF6 Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Co. L-1011 McDonell Douglas MD-80 Pratt & Whitney Commercial products Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6, ST6 (all) Rolls-Royce 250 Rolls-Royce 501K and 570 Rolls-Royce Avon, Spey, RB211 Rolls-Royce Civil Industry Rolls-Royce T56 Saab 340 Turbomeca All OEM Engine/Airframe Type Rolls-Royce A-250 operators have reported: 3% performance improvement over deteriorated engine condition Average ITT drop of 18 after one wash No engine deterioration due to deposits at 600 hour inspection PT6 operators have reported: Increase in TBO from 5000 to 7500 hours Absence of corrosion and salt deposits in severe environments R-MC engine cleaner effectively inhibits and reverses contaminant build-up in turbine engines. R-MC meets MIL-C-85704C for both Type ll and Type lll concentrate and RTU. Type ll is design to be used while turning the engine with the starter. Type lll can be used without engine shut down Part No. Product Size Description 4070-5 R-MC 5 gallon container Pre-mixed cleaner - ready to use 4070-5WM R-MC 5 gallon container Premixed with an anti-freeze agent to prevent icing in freezing conditions 4070-30 R-MC 30 gallon container Pre-mixed cleaner - ready to use 4072C1 R-MC 1 gallon container Concentrated formula that is mixed 6:1 with deionized or distilled water; Saves on freight 4072C5 R-MC 5 gallon container Concentrated formula that is mixed 6:1 with deionized or distilled water; Saves on freight 890150 PT6 Wand - Made according to Pratt & Whitney specifications for PT6 engines; Directions and procedures explained in ECT's technical data sheet R-4 880133 Turbine wheel - Made according to Pratt & Whitney specifications; Follow directions in Pratt & Whitney maintenance manual 923001 JT-8 Wand - Made according to ECT specifications for compressor washing 880102 Drum pump - Pneumatic 2:1 ratio drum pump to deliver cleaner at rated pressure; Used with ECT's 30 or 300 gallon containers Revised June 1, 2015

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