Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2197 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

SEALANTS FLAMEMASTER SEALANTS aviall ability aviall.com 2197 Clear nylon epoxy coating. MEETS MCDONNELL DOUGLAS SPECIFICATION DTM 2289. Used as a coating to protect data plates from hydraulic fluid damage in wheel wells. Part No. Size CS7707QT 1 quart CS7707GL 1 gallon Corrosion inhibitive sealant. MEETS AMS 3265; FMS 3055-1; DPM 2389. High temperature non-chromatic sealant. Clear nylon epoxy coating. Part No. Description CS5500CIB1-2KIT High temperature, non-chromatic sealant Firewall sealant . MEETS MIL-S-38249 TYPE I. Used for sealing firewall structures. It is elastomeric and is able to withstand flash temperatures of up to 2000 F. Cross reference: PR 812, PS 700. Color: black. Part No. Size CS1900KIT 6 oz. cartridge, nozzle CS1900PT Pint CS1900QT Quart Optical sealing compound. MEETS MIL-S-11031, CLASS B. Standard application time about 3 hours. Used for bonding metal to metal in optical instruments or fire control instruments. Cross reference: PR 383, PS 247, EC 801, Cl B. Color: black. Part No. Size CS3202B3KIT 6 oz cartridge CS3202B3PT 1 pint Potting and sealing compound. MEETS MIL-PRF-8516G TYPE I, II, CLASS 1, 2 AND 3. Protects electrical connectors and components from moisture, fuels and dirt. Cross reference: PR 1201. Color: tan. Part No. Size CS3100T2CL1KIT 6 oz. CS3100T2CL2KIT 6 oz. CS3100T2CL3KIT 6 oz. CS3100T2CL3 1 quart Top coat sealing compound. MEETS AMS-S-4383. Fuel tank, Buna N type and high bond strength adhesive - protective coating for synthetic rubber sealant and metal surfaces of integral fuel tanks. A brush consistency rubber coating compound for the protection of synthetic rubber sealant and metal against oils, fuels, fresh or salt water, corrosion and weathering. Cross reference: PR 1005-L, P/S 444-R. Color: red or tan. Part No. Size CS3600PT 1 pint CS3600QT 1 quart CS3600GL 1 gallon Note: In all part numbers: A = thin consistency, may apply with brush B = thick consistency, may apply with knife C = for faying surface sealing

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