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SEALANTS FLAMEMASTER SEALANTS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2198 Military & Company Chem Seal Specification Material Cross Reference Color Product Description and Use MIL-S-38249 Type I CS 1900 PR 812 Black Firewall sealant - Used for sealing firewall structures. It is elastomeric PS 700 and is able to withstand flash temperatures of up to 2000 F. DMS 1819, MIL-S-38228, Class B CS 2415 FR 1077 Aluminum Aluminum exterior sealant - recommended for sealing external seams, Application time: 1 /2 hr. and 2 hrs. depressions and gaps on aircraft to yield weather tightness and achieve aerodynamic smoothness. Withstands jet fuels and weathering. MIL-PRF-8516G - Type I, II CS 3100 PR 1201 Tan Potting and sealing compound - Protects electrical connectors and Class 1, 2 and 3 components from moisture, fuels and dirt. AMS-S-7124, Class A and B CS 3201 PS 707 Black or tan Integral fuel tank sealant - Cures at room temperature to a flexible MILS-7502C, Class A and B PR 1221 resilient rubber, with excellent adhesion to metals Application time: 1 /2 hr. and 2 hrs. EC 1239 EC 801 Cl A A-A 59293 formerly MILS-11031 CS 3202 PR 383 Black Optical sealing compound - Used for bonding metal to metal in optical Standard application time: about PS 247 instruments or fire control instruments. 3 hours EC 801 Cl B AMS-S-8802 formerly MILS-8802F CS 3204 PR 1440 Gray Integral fuel tank sealant - Designed to withstand the attack of sulfur Class A and Class B PS 890 compounds present in jet fuels. Also used as pressurized cabin sealant. Application time: 1 /2 hr., 1 hr., 2 hr. MC 236 Class A is for brushing, Class B is for filleting, Class C is for faying. Class B also available w/4 hrs. AMS3284 Type I CS 3330 PR 1428 Pink Access door sealant - Used as a strippable fillet for integral fuel tanks Class A and Class B MC 215 and pressurized cabins. Also used a gasket for removable parts. Application time: 1 /2 hr., 1 hr., 2 hr. MILS-4383C (2) CS 3600 PR 1005-L Red or tan Sealing compound, top coat, fuel tank, buna n type and high bond P/S 444-R strength adhesive - Protective coating for synthetic rubber sealant and metal surfaces of integral fuel tanks. A brush consistency rubber coating compound for the protection of synthetic rubber sealant and metal against oils, fuels, fresh or salt water, corrosion and weathering. MIL-S-29574 Type I CS 5306 PR 1826 Gray Polythioether quick repair fuel sealant - Used on aircraft to yield weather AMS 3277 Type I Class A and B CS 5310 PR 1825 tightness and fuel resistant seal. Able to cure at lower temperatures. Application time: 1 /4 hr., 1 /2 hr., 2 hr. MILS-83430 CS 5500 PR 1750 Gray High temperature fuel tank sealant - Used for sealing fuel tanks and AMS 3276, FMS 1044 PR 1770 on aircraft fuselage. Withstands higher temperatures than the standard Class A and B PS 899 MILS-8802 sealant. Application time: 1 /2 hr., 2 hr., 6 hr. MC 275 IAW-AMS 3265, FMS 3104 CS 5500 CI PR 1781 Gray Corrosion inhibitive sealant - Permalpol P5 polymer, high temperature, Class A and Class B PR 1775 sealant - non chromate. Will be replacing some applications where the Application times: 1 /2 hr., 2 hr. MC 730 MILS-81733 - PS-87O was previously used. DPM 2389 CS 7707 Clear aluminum Nylon epoxy coating - Used as a coating on flexible, semi rigid and rigid substrates for protection against Skydrol, hydraulic fluids, fuels, oils, salt water and ozone. Flamemaster products are manufactured to the latest revision of the military and commercial specification. Aviall stocks most popular Flamemaster products in a variety of sizes and all classes and application times. Application Chart

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