Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2203 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

CLEANERS & EPOXIES HENKEL LOCTITE CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2203 403D Plastic cleaner. Cleans and polishes acrylic plastic surfaces, fiberglass, formica, enameled surfaces, ceramics, stainless steel and glass - all without scratching. Removes dirt, grease and stains. Forms a water-repellent, anti-static shield which resists fogging. Contains no ODCs. Part No. Description Size 80183 403D plastic cleaner 16 fl. oz. can Pro strength degreaser. Quickly dissolves and removes grease, oil, and dirt from iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, rubber, plastic, and concrete. Rinses off with water. Part No. Description Size 30521 Pro strength degreaser 15 oz. net wt. aerosol can Fixmaster Fast Cure Poxy Pak epoxy. This fast cure, high strength, thick liquid reaches handling strength in 4-6 minutes. Bonds virtually any material to repair, fill, and seal holes, cracks, and worn surfaces. Part No. Description Size 81120 Fixmaster Fast Cure Poxy Pak epoxy 1 oz. syringe Fixmaster Fast Cure epoxy mixer cups. Premeasured epoxy mixer cups. Bonds in 5-15 minutes. Excellent chemical resistance. Fills porosities and can be used to build up worn parts. Ideal for bonding glass, hard plastics, rubber, and metal. Part No. Description Size 21425 Fixmaster Fast Cure epoxy mixer cups 10 .12 fl. oz. cups 21426 Fixmaster Fast Cure epoxy mixer cups 10 1 oz. cups 30521 81120 21425

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