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THREADLOCKERS & SEALANTS HENKEL LOCTITE CHEMICALS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2212 290 wicking grade threadlocker. TESTED TO MIL-SPEC S-46163A TYPE III, GRADE R; NSF/ANSI 61 CERTIFIED. A medium strength threadlocker for pre-assembled bolts up to 1 /2" (12 mm). Penetrates threads by capillary action. Secures set screws and other assemblies after settings are completed. Seals welds and porous metal parts. Protects threads from rust and corrosion. Localized heating and hand tools are needed for disassembly. Typical Applications: Preassembled fasteners, instrumentation screws, electrical connectors, carburetors. Part No. Description Size 29005 290 wicking grade threadlocker 0.5 mL capsule 29021 290 wicking grade threadlocker 10 mL bottle 29031 290 wicking grade threadlocker 50 mL bottle 29041 290 wicking grade threadlocker 250 mL bottle 29043 290 wicking grade threadlocker 1 L bottle 545 thread sealant hydraulic/pneumatic sealant. A liquid sealant for locking and sealing high pressure, fluid power systems with tapered fittings. Contains no fillers and will not foul valves or fluid filtering systems. Typical Applications: Used to lock and seal hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, servomechanisms, and fine-filtration systems. Specially formulated to offer lubricity for easy assembly. Part No. Description Size 54505 545 thread sealant hydraulic/pneumatic sealant 0.5 mL capsule 32429 545 thread sealant hydraulic/pneumatic sealant 10 mL bottle 54531 545 thread sealant hydraulic/pneumatic sealant 50 mL bottle 54541 545 thread sealant hydraulic/pneumatic sealant 250 mL bottle 29031 54531

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