Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2214 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

PAINT STRIPPERS & CLEANERS TURCO PAINT STRIPPERS aviall ability aviall.com 2214 Alodine 1001. QUALIFIED AND APPROVED FOR MIL-C-5541, CLASS 3, FORM I, IMMERSION SPRAY. Brush-on chemical to condition aluminum for a clear finish and corrosion resistance. Maintains the original aluminum appearance. Part No. Size 594693 1 quart 594417 1 gallon Alodine 1201. QUALIFIED AND APPROVED FOR MIL-C-5541, CLASS 1A, FORM III, BRUSH. Gold chromate conversion coating for aluminum. Provides premier corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. Part No. Size 594419 1 quart 1594418 1 gallon 594657 54 gallons Aquaprep 33. Low VOC multi-purpose cleaner. Removes waxes, oils, grease, silicone, lubricants, crayon, etc. Can be used on all surfaces except copper and copper alloys. Part No. Size 598036 1 quart 594695 1 gallon Alumiprep 33 . Cleaner, brightener and pre-paint conditioner for aluminum. Provides an excellent surface for application of Alodines. Part No. Size 594416 1 quart 594015 1 gallon 592770 54 gallon Brush Alodine 120 kit. Complete package for MIL-C-5541 touch-up. Kit contains one quart each: Deoxidine 605 cleaner, Alodine 1201 conversion coating. Also contains beakers, brush and instructions. Covers 100-200 square feet. Part No. Description 592726 Brush Alodine 120 kit Touch-N-Prep . Easy-to-use, effective on aluminum, steel or galvanized metal. Greatly reduces hazardous material usage. Faster than traditional methods. Unique, no-rinse formula eliminates secondary waste and clean-up of excess coating. Part No. Description 592939 Touch-N-Prep Metalprep 79. Non-flammable multi-purpose acidic metal cleaner and pre-paint conditioner for most metals. Can be applied by brush, dip or spray applications. Part No. Size 594822 1 quart 594305 1 gallon Revised June 1, 2015

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