Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2235 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

GREASES LPS CHEMICALS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2235 White Lithium Multi-Purpose White Grease. Features include: pure white lubricant with PTFE additives provides maximum lubrication; rust and oxidation inhibitors protect metal; heat and water resistant; rapidly forms into a pure white grease that won't melt or wash away; pure white color allows easy visual inspection. Part No. Size 03816 10 oz. (284 grams) Aqua Bearing Grease. Features include: excellent resistance to fresh or salt water; resists water washout; superior adhesion properties, excellent corrosion resistance, and significant load carrying ability; reduces wear and grease consumption. Part No. Size 07514 14.1 oz. (400 grams) 07506 5 gal. (18.93 liters) 07535 16 gal. (60.48 liters) 07555 55 gal. (208 liters) Foodlube Bearing Grease. MEETS USDA H1 REQUIREMENTS FOR INCIDENTAL CONTACT IN FOOD PROCESSING. Features include: uses only FDA listed ingredients; Agriculture Canada approved; extends relubrication intervals; ensures safety in areas where incidental food contact may occur; resists water washout; excellent corrosion protection and very good load capacity; does not contain mineral oil, solvents, or silicone; nontoxic, nonstaining, and nonemulsifying. Part No. Size 70114 14.1 oz. (400 grams) 70106 5 gal. (18.93 liters) 70135 16 gal. (60.48 liters) 70155 55 gal. (208 liters) Hi-Load Bearing Grease. Features include: excellent load carrying ability; withstands shock loading and extends relubrication intervals; moly-fortified for extreme applications; reduces wear from vibration; excellent corrosion resistance, superior anti-wear properties, and wide operating temperature range reduce maintenance costs. Part No. Size 70414 14.1 oz. (400 grams) 70406 5 gal. (18.93 liters) 70435 16 gal. (60.48 liters) 70455 55 gal. (208 liters)

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